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Corned Beef Hash

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Saw Rachael Ray making Corned Beef Hash this morning which is making me crave a really good corned beef hash. Anyone know where to get to get really good hash? Neighborhood not a problem, but would prefer somewhere in the SoHo area.

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  1. The only CBH I know of that isn't dog food from Sexton/Sysco is found in the Summit Diner, in Summit NJ. Take NJ Transit from Penn Station to Summit. Look for the railroad car diner across the street from the train station. Its not Soho, but Soho dosen't strike me as a place that knows from Corned Beef anyway.

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      That IS a great diner. I also hope someone comes up with a suggestion for hash that is at least somewhat yummy in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

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        You would think, with all that good corned beef laying around, that good hash would be easier to find. Actually, its easy enough to boil a potato, then dice it, some corned beef, and some onion and saute everything together yourself at home...

    2. The CBH at Veselka isn't bad. Could be a bit crispier. And the hash at the Second Avenue Deli, though hugely overpriced, is pretty good even though it has something weird in it that I can't rightly recall just now, like maybe peppers?

      1. Last time I was at Junior's on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, it was still the homemade (strips of beef, not oakmeal consistancy like from a can) that was about the only still-good thing there, since their cheesecakes turned to pure sugar.

        Any recent CBH lovers try it there?

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          interesting menu item. I don't like most of their stuff. good to know, just in case.

        2. I have had it at good enough to eat on the upper west side. did not hav an alpo taste

          1. Carnegie Deli has good CBH, but it hs green peppers in it. Also, way too expensive and too much for one person to finish. But it is tasty.

            1. I'm a huge cbh fan... Toms Diner on Washington Avenue in Brooklyn has very good cbh.

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                See, I love Tom's like crazy, but have been disappointed in their CBH, which I found too fine-ground with a touch of the Alpos. Did you have it made extra-crisp or any other modification?

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                  No... Just normal. Where would you suggest for better?

              2. Waverly Diner on 6th Ave

                1. Sarge's in the 30's on the east side has it - its an excellent all round deli btw.

                  For a change, try duck confit hash at Norma's - bring a friend to share it with.

                  Fairways' cbh is disappointing.

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                    Saw this post yesterday and developed a craving as a result. Ahh, the power of suggestion. Started out from Queens at 6:30pm for Summit Diner (closing at 8:30pm). Didn't make it to the Holland in time and aborted my attempted. Called Tom's in Brooklyn (as fallback) and no one answered. Found out today they close at 4pm! Arghh! Thwarted. Stars are not aligned. Have to try again on a different day...

                  2. Moonstruck Diner on 2nd Avenue in the East Village does a pretty good CBH. Only you need to crisp it in a pan when you get it home or else order it very well done.

                    Oh, and their hash brown potatoes are sublime. Again, order them well done.

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                      How can it be good if you have to take it home and cook it again?

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                        Uh, because it tastes really, really good?? And if you don't like it crispy, it's fine as is.

                    2. Theres a tourist trap right across the street from Grand Central Station, on the corner where they have the eagle. They have some killer corned beef hash. And its the real stuff.

                      1. I agree with the person who said Sarge's Deli has very good corned beef hash. Large pieces of meat...not the mushy stuff.

                        1. Brooklyn Label in Greenpoint has a fantastic Corned Beef Hash brunch item. Really delicious patty of corned beef hash with two poached eggs on top. It is not SoHo but it sure is delicious

                          1. Polonia on 1st avenue. You can sit at the counter and it is home made by a polish mom that has been cooking since she was 8 I bet.

                            Better than stage's ask for it well.

                            1. I'll vote Shopsin's in the Essex Market.