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Mar 14, 2008 08:26 AM

Convivum or Stone Park on "No Meat Friday"

I'm trying to decide where to go tonight for my birthday splurge. My husband and I haven't been to either one yet. I've looked at both menus and still can't decide. Since there is no meat on Friday during Lent, I'm going to stick with seafood or a vegetarian option. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated--just please don't say change our options to Al Di La, Tempo, or Applewood. We would really like to go some place we haven't tried yet.

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  1. I would say Convivium. They have a number of excellent vegetarian and seafood options and I think the ambience is a little more intimate. They also have an excellent wine list that features some unusual choices from Portugal that are very good deals for the quality level.