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Mar 14, 2008 08:23 AM

Munching Near the Ritz


Going to be at the Ritz the first weekend in April and we're looking for dinner options that aren't too far away: we're going to do one BIG dinner (expensive) and the other two will be less painful on the wallet. Saturday / Sunday / Monday night and NO ITALIAN!!!


Also, what about breakfast? I don't want to be married to eating at the Ritz necessarily!


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  1. I'm going to try and keep you close to the Ritz: Lots of restaurants are closed sunday night so l'Entrecôte St. Jean might be a good option, it's a decent steak/ frites option, great profiterolles for dessert, it's a prix fixe menu, $22 gives you 4 courses, I think.
    It's on Peel, close to de Maisonneuve, on the north west side.

    Monday night in that area, my favorite chinese is Orchidée de Chine, across from the above restaurant.

    Saturday night I would go to Bronte, for your expensive meal, on Sherbrooke street west, corner St. Mathieu; it's my new favorite and I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but you are very close to it staying at the Ritz.

    For breakfast, I would head out to Vasco de Gamas, on Peel also , between de Maisonneuve and ste Catherine, they also do a great lunch, they are related to Ferreira, so I always have the smoked salmon bagel. Première Moisson on Sherbrooke st west does a good lunch also, and continental breakfast.

    I've pretty much kept you minutes from the Ritz, but honestly you can cab it easily anywhere in Montreal for a decent price.

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      I second the recommendation for l'Entrecote St. Jean

    2. Ariel on Drummond and below Sherbrooke.Nice small menu, moderate prices, great service ,excellent wine list. Try Phyllo Shrimp or possibly Kobe Tartare

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      1. re: finefoodie55

        I was at Ariel earlier this week and we paid 100$pp for 3 courses and wine. The food was good but not worth what I paid

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          Sorry to hear that. What did you order? How were the decor and service?

      2. Howdy!

        Breakfast at the Ritz is mighty fine - and I have never had better service anywhere in town.

        1. What about your favourite options for an elegant cocktail?

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          1. re: kawarthagirl


            The Beaver Club in the Queen Elizabeth (or the bar at the Ritz as well). Or if if you can get the concierge at the Ritz to finagle an invitation to the Club Saint James.

            Old, staid and conservative is my definition of 'elegant.' Others might have their own definition.

            1. re: zekesgallery

              My husband would agree with you. Our favourite place in TO is the Avenue bar at the Four Seasons... so.... :)