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Mar 14, 2008 08:18 AM

Dinner for 21 mostly teenagers, Friday 3/22

My wife, myself, one of her teacher friends and about 18 high school kids will be in NYC next weekend. Friday night we are going to the Knicks game at MSG. Staying in the Times Sq area. Any ideas on teen-friendly restaurants that can handle this big of a group on Good Friday. (I really dont' want to get stuck going to Hard Rock). The kids will proabably want to stay under about a $30 pp budget (of course they won't be drinking)


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  1. You can try Carmine's or Tony DiNapoli's both in the low 40s off Broadway. They serve family style italian food so it would perfect for sharing. You are in walking distance as well from MSG so that would be convenient. The food is good and they can easily accomodate big groups - just call ahead. Virgil's is another great venue, but call ahead to see if they can accomodate your party. Virgil's is southern bbq and is always packed. The food - ribs, chicken, brisket are all tasty and portions are generous. I think you can stick to your price point there as well.

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      A rustic casual atmosphere Italian place that could work is Don Giovanni, range of prices, pizza, pasta, and entrees, and pretty solid food:

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        I recommend John's Pizzeria in a converted church on West 44th Street.