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Apr 9, 2002 10:07 PM

Where are the best chili cheese fries in L.A.?

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Over to you, Todd.

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  1. Islands has them. They are passable.

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    1. re: soccerdad

      i have to say "Tops" in Pasadena on the corner of allen and walnut!!

      1. re: soccerdad

        Oh come on now Soccerdad, Islands? The ersatz Hawaiian burger joint, with non-descript burgers. Obviously you had a deprived childhood, poor boy. I will say a prayer for you the next time I eat some fries at The Hat.

      2. I like the chili cheese fries at Mo' Better Meaty Meat Burgers on Fairfax and Pico. Fresh cut fries, bathed in greasy chili and cheese.

        1. Um....Carney's? The Hat? I don't really know, just guessing.

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          1. re: johanna

            The Hat Pastrami Chili Cheese Fries. One order can feel a feed dozens or a small army or a basketball team.

            1. re: wienermobile

              any idea how langers' PCCF compare?

              1. re: ns1

                I think having both a pastrami on rye and pastrami chili cheese fries would kill me. So I have not yet tried them.

              2. re: wienermobile

                Langer's also now offers Pastrami Chili Cheese Fries too.

            2. HI-Life Burger on S. Fair Oaks Ave. in South Pasadena. Known throughout the area as raising c-fries to an artform, the portion is oversized, pitched into a cardboard contained guaranteed to leak fluids, irridescent in color, and an "aroma" (odor is more like it) that brings back memories of high school ditch-days...i can still feel the pain!

              1. I'm born and raised in LA, and it's always been Tommy's. Especially on ditch days.