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Where are the best chili cheese fries in L.A.?

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Over to you, Todd.

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  1. Islands has them. They are passable.

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      i have to say "Tops" in Pasadena on the corner of allen and walnut!!

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        Oh come on now Soccerdad, Islands? The ersatz Hawaiian burger joint, with non-descript burgers. Obviously you had a deprived childhood, poor boy. I will say a prayer for you the next time I eat some fries at The Hat.

      2. I like the chili cheese fries at Mo' Better Meaty Meat Burgers on Fairfax and Pico. Fresh cut fries, bathed in greasy chili and cheese.

        1. Um....Carney's? The Hat? I don't really know, just guessing.

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            The Hat Pastrami Chili Cheese Fries. One order can feel a feed dozens or a small army or a basketball team.

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              any idea how langers' PCCF compare?

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                I think having both a pastrami on rye and pastrami chili cheese fries would kill me. So I have not yet tried them.

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                Langer's also now offers Pastrami Chili Cheese Fries too.

            2. HI-Life Burger on S. Fair Oaks Ave. in South Pasadena. Known throughout the area as raising c-fries to an artform, the portion is oversized, pitched into a cardboard contained guaranteed to leak fluids, irridescent in color, and an "aroma" (odor is more like it) that brings back memories of high school ditch-days...i can still feel the pain!

              1. I'm born and raised in LA, and it's always been Tommy's. Especially on ditch days.

                1. For quality, quantity...The HAT! Several locations all over SoCal.

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                    Haven't had the chili cheese fries, just the regular at The Hat. Damn good fries, very generous, a small order is as large as or larger than any other places large. Big, thick full bodied, potato tasting fries, definetly the right base for a load of chili and cheese.

                    1. Not sure if they're the same or even if it's still open, but Lucky Boys in Pasadena on Arroyo. Now those were some late night chili cheese fries.

                      Of course, these are high school memories so...

                      1. Hi! I personally like this place called 'Mighty Mouth' in Granada Hills and Canyon Country/Santa Clarita. I go out of my way to eat at the one in Granada though...I honestly think that taste is in the tongue of the beholder; because some may like chili meatier than others--however, I always crave the chili cheese fries and the double chili Cheese burger with everything. If you like steak fries with tasty chili, go here, Everest Burgers in La Canada area, or Tops. OH!! I totally forgot about Skooby's Hot Dogs on Hollywood BLVD Near Cherokee! OMG great Chili Cheese fries~~~!!!!!

                        1. Darn good at Carney's too.

                            1. Daglas - on Vanowen in Winnetka (maybe Reseda)

                              1. Those who like The Hat are talking sense to me. How anyone could even consider the chili at Tommy's or Carney's to be food is beyond me. Probably had to grow up eating it, I guess.