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Mar 14, 2008 08:10 AM

Where to find great gnocchi in Manhattan?

I love, love, love gnocchi. Who would you recommend? I'm staying in Midtown, if that helps.

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  1. No contest for me - Absolutely Babbo and Del Posto! (Lupa is not the same).

    The ones at Hearth are ok as well. But Babbo and Del Posto are just decadent and completey a league above all the others!

    1. Cascina on 9th Ave by 45th. I am not a big fan of gnocchi but I tired my GF's when we were at Cascina recently and it was really really good. Very light and lots of flavor.

      1. I am also a big fan of gnocchi, and I vote for the ricotta gnocchi with duck and fontina at Crispo, and the spinach and ricotta gnocchi with butter and sage at Pepolino. Two very different preparations, but both light and tender with delicious flavors.

        1. The gnudi at Mia Dona are great if you want to stay in midtown. I like the gnocchi at Apizz, Lupa, and Hearth.

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          1. re: Lucia

            Agreed - gnocchi is great at Apizz (the short ribs accompanying the gnocchi are amazing) and Lupa.

            The gnudi at Spotted Pig is great too - served with a butter sage sauce.

            Quite a few years ago I had the gorgonzola gnocchi at Il Bagatto - not sure if they are still good.

          2. I LOVE the gnocchi in gorgonzola at both Bianca and Da Andrea.It is almost a tie but if you like your gorgonzola a little sharper than choose Bianca.Unfortunately both are downtown. Teodora, a sister restaurant to Bianca, also serves gnocchi and is located in midtown.

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              I like the gnocchi at Da Andrea but it does not compare to Crispo, Lupa, or Pepolino. The gorgonzola sauce is delicious but the gnocchi are not as tender and light as they should be IMO.