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Mar 14, 2008 08:09 AM

susur with a vegetarian.....

Just looking for some advice. Looking to take a friend out for a Birthday dinner, and would love to go to Susur, however, with my friend being a vegetarian (he will eat fish but not shellfish……) is this a crazy idea? Could calling ahead to the restaurant work, or I am just better off going elsewhere?


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  1. they will ask you when you're seated any restrictions on least when ordering the tasting menu!

    1. Susur is very accommodating to vegetarians. Just make sure you call ahead and let them know. I was a vegetarian for many years and ate in his restaurants several times, receiving an excellent unique experience on every trip.

      1. I sat across from another table who had a vegetarian diner. It looked so good I was tempted to order vegetarian myself. i think it cost only slightly less than the 'normal' prices - so not cheap.

        1. yeah - probably one of the best high-end restos to take a vegetarian. when i was there a couple of years ago they had a vegetarian tasting menu printed on the menu...seemed like it was a pretty normal thing. And actually, after having the no-holds-barred tasting menu, I remember thinking that I would like to try the vegetarian one the next time just for a change (I think I ate about 9 different animals in one meal and it felt like a bit much for me!!)

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            Thanks so much - now I am really excited to book it!!