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Hill Country weekend...

Help me find some good eats for our trip to Frederickburg. I've read about the Hilltop Cafe. Other recs? Thansk!

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  1. You could eat at Rather Sweet Bakery for breakfast or lunch. Or you could eat at the restaurant under Der Kuchen Laden (My favorite store ever!!). I believe it has cellar in the name... I had the best hot sandwich there. Like a philly cheese steak only even better. Look for the one with cheddar.

    I will be there myself in a couple weeks!


    1. Rathskeller is the name of the place...

      1. Definitely second the Rather Sweet Bakery. Rebecca Rather, owner of the bakery also opened a new restaurant that serves dinner that would be worth checking out.

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          Lots and lots of places!!! Here are a few: Der Auslander, Hondos on Main, Silver Creek Cafe, the Cotton Gin for upscale steak, Fredericksburg Bakery for morning pastries. For BBQ, just travel 30 miles north to Llano for Coopers BBQ, which is some of the best in these whole United States!!!

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            Foodczar those might be condisered fightin words. I prefer Smitty's Market in Lockhart. Tried both and like Smitty's better.

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              I, too, have tried them both and both are outstanding. No fisticuffs, please. Acutally, Smitty's sausage is outstanding, while at Coopers, even their excellent brisket must take a back seat to their BBQ prime rib and double cut pork chop. I think you'll agree there's nothing like either joint here in North Texas. Although Rudy's and County Line are good in their own right, Smitty's and Coopers are better.

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                Smitty's better than Coopers? Not even close IMO.
                I've thought about driving all the way back from MI just for one of them mongo pork chops at coopers.

          2. Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood. That's just a bit to the north. There is also an Italian place at Mandalas Winery.

            There are lots of wineries in the area if you are into wine. Some really good ones. You can find all of them listed here: http://www.southwestwinetrails.com

            1. Cuvee on Main Street was wonderful and actually pretty "cool" for a small Hill Country town when I ate there. I also love the Lincoln Street Wine bar, they have hundreds of wines by the glass and small plates. I hated Hilltop cafe which was recommended by a friend, overcrowded and not worth it to me but I understand it's a classic...Salt Lick BBQ is good but it is BYOB so if you like to have a cold one with your Q you definitely want to go prepared!

              1. Definitely, the Hilltop Cafe! Food and atmospher are worth the drive.

                1. I second all the recs for Hilltop. Some of the best ambience in Texas.

                  I would also recommend August E's. It has one of the best hamburgers on earth - filet trimmings ground and then grilled over mesquite. Unreal.

                  1. Alas, Cuvee is no more. Place is now Rebecca Rather's and serves dinner only. I hope BonTerra (west of town) is still in business,'tho I haven't been there in a while. While pricey, August E's (east of F'berg) offers some really good food. In Kerrville, don't miss River's Edge, a Tuscan Grill (Pasta Petosi is delicious) and for a fun venue, the Depot, also in Kerrville.

                    1. the Hilltop cafe is still there? I ate at that place 40 years ago...it was great then. Is it still?

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                        Still there and still great. Only place around to get a rhubarb pie....

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                          i bet that's not the case at the moment because Spicer got some rhubarb in recently.

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                          I'll be that way in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to get my fill of Coopers!!! I love that place.

                          I'll have to stop by HillTop Cafe as well

                        2. Back with a report from the weekend.
                          Thursday evening - Stayed in Stephenville on the way down. Enjoyed a great steak and stuffed grilled quail at Fiddle Creek steakhouse.
                          Friday noon - Oh, boy - Coopers in Llano. All the poster are correct. Meltingly good brisked and the best hot link I have ever had. Pork chop, alas, was tough. Very good potato salad and peach cobbler, too.
                          Friday night - Spectacular dining at Rebecca's Table in Fredericksburg. All four entrees were good, but especially enjoyed was the grilled free-range chicken. Bread was a camp biscuit. Too full for much dessert, but shared a delectable sticky toffee pudding.
                          Saturday breakfast - Rather Sweet bakery - it was almost too much too choose...An omelet kolache (kind of like an eggy muffin) was delicious, and my husband enjoyed the salad-plate sized cinnamon roll.
                          Saturday lunch - Silver Creek Cafe - ok sandwiches with a great selection of beer.
                          Saturday afternoon - various wineries, but Becker's is still the best!
                          Saturday dinner - an ok meal at the german place on the west side of town - starts with an F. Food was just a notch above ok, but service was not good.
                          Sunday breakfast - couldn't miss breakfast at the Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls - how do they make biscuits like that?!
                          Thanks again, Chowhounds, for helping!

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                            Wow, I wonder if we were at Rather Sweet at the same time. We were in a very long line sometime between 9:30-10:30. My husband, myself, my father, my 9 year old daughter and my 4 year old son. We had 2 sausage kolaches, an omelet kolache, and a raspberry scone. All very good.

                            I wish we had been in town late enough for Rebecca's Table. It looked great. We grabbed a quick lunch at Rathskellar's.

                            There are a few pictures on my blog. You can see if you saw us there!


                          2. I had a sadly lackluster but pompous dinner at Rebecca's Table and paid out the wazoo for it. The menu-touted Niman beef steak was so tough I couldn't eat it. A Texas restaurant that charges $35 for a tough steak?! That's lynching offense, in my book. Of all the Fredericksburg restaurants-- and I've been visiting my mom there for 30 years-- the only ones worth annual revisits are the Peach Tree and Hilda's Tortilla Factory. The Hill Top is fun, but the only thing I'll order there is the Chicken-Fried Steak. Everything else is too uppity to be roadhouse and too low to be great. But if you like salty, garlicky, greasy, and fakey Cajun (with Greek influence???) , Hill Top's your place.

                            Check out this posting for Hilda's http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/560847