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Mar 14, 2008 07:45 AM

Aoyama Sushi ?

I want to give this restaurant a try but cannot even make a reservation, not sure if it really that good or just because it is a very small restaurant. Service is slow and fish selection is good but not as good as Zen according to previous post. Any improvement on this ?

Actually anything special regarding their sushi/sashimi that make it a stand out ? Thanks.

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  1. My experience there is limited, but I'll definitely go back . Everything was well prepared, but I remember I wasn't fond of fried sole; sushi, sashimi and soba were good. We went on a Sunday and it was empty. The hostess, Caroline is very friendly and helpful.

    1. My advice, my friend, is if it ain't broke don't fix it. Zen takes reservations despite being small. Can't remember if you've been, but if you haven't then go, bub, go.

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      1. re: Googs

        Yes, been to Zen, just want to find some good alternative. There are not too much choice out there in the east, want something new besides Cafe Michi, Miyabi, Inaho, Akasaka, Zen, Sagano.

        Aoyama said it is all full, I "think" they take reservation...?!

        1. re: skylineR33

          Aoyama has about half the seating of Michi (which is small enough) and they do take reservations. They do have good business at times, and I've been turned away at least twice because they are filled up (both times went to Michi instead). Michi, Aoyama and Zen offer slightly different depends on what you are looking for from Japanese places.

          1. re: skylineR33

            "Not too much choice out there in the east" Let me tell you something. You just listed about 4 more excellent sushi choices than there are downtown. Sheesh. Its enough to make me want to buy a car.

            Please let us know your thoughts on Aoyama, skylineR33. I'd love to read a review from you.

        2. Where is this place? Is it on Laird?

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            1. re: josamania

              photos here -

              address & map at place link

              2766 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto, ON M2J4A8, CA

            2. IMO it is not worth a special visit, more of somewhere to go to if you are in the area and want some above average sushi. If you are comparing it to Zen, you will be dissapointed.

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              1. re: s0memale

                I feel the same too. Anyways, it's worth trying if you haven't been there.

              2. Did you end up going to Aoyama?

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                1. re: Googs

                  No, I end up going to Cafe Michi... found the quality still good, but not as good as before, also the fish selection is getting less .....

                  1. re: skylineR33

                    How unfortunate. Personally, I've had so many sushi let-downs lately that I'm sticking to the tried's and true's for now. Getting to be an expensive habit.

                    Again, please do post if you end up going there. Very few could convince me to make the switch from Zen or at least add it to the repertoire.

                    1. re: Googs

                      Sure. Or please report if you end up going there. I will wait until it is not that hard to make a reservation. A month or so ago, I saw a whole page of article in one of the chinese newspaper, I wonder if that's reason why it is so full...

                    2. re: skylineR33

                      Interesting I found the same thing about fish selection, though quality was still good for me. Granted I went on day when they completely sold out of food the night before. So everything in the kitchen came in that morning.

                      1. re: skylineR33

                        Cafe michi is not disgusting, but certainly not worth the drive. Gone way, way downhill since the ownership changed... I think there are a lot of people who haven't compared it to the other, newer places in toronto recently.

                        1. re: abscissa

                          What ownership change are you talking about because there is a few ? Have you been there after the latest ownership change ? When and what does it goes way downhill are you talking about ? I think people here (including me) are saying it has become better after the ownership change. And Aoyama is not worth all the hype if you look at the previous threads.

                          1. re: abscissa

                            Hi abscissa: Interesting. I've only had experience with Michi since after the Kariya siblings took over, but have found it comparable quality-wise to any sushi place I've tried recently (not been to Kaji). Certainly on the same level as Aoyama or Zen or any of the better places downtown I've experienced in the last year. I'm not referring to a wide menu choice as for example a place like Nami would just blow them away, but just the quality of what they do. I enjoy the variety among Japanese restaurants and find direct comparisons problematic because they all have their nuances or features to admire. Both Aoyama and Michi are conveinent and good enough for me for when I want a sushi fix, but I've not yet found any other places I would make a special trip to when in that mood, despite enjoying them when I happen to be in their areas. While I tend to agree that Michi may not be a "destination" place, pray tell what place is?....(Kaji aside). What are the names of these other newer places?