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Mar 14, 2008 07:21 AM

Good BBQ Place Near KC Airport

Hello all! For spring break, the family and I are flying out to LA. However, we have about a 3-4 hour lay-over in KC, and we would really like to have ourselves some good KC BBQ. Are there any good places near the airport we should check out? Thanks :)

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    The Zona Rosa location is pretty close to the airport.

    1. The Smoke Stack ( is near I-35 east of the airport. 8250 N Church Rd, 816-781-7822.

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      1. re: sigerson57

        Not a huge fan of The Smoke Stack..but I do love their Smoked Sausage.

        Smoke House BBQ is abysmal - corparate BBQ at its worst.

      2. I'm pretty sure there's an Arthur Bryant's in one of the terminals. If you're not in the right terminal you can catch a red bus to one of the other terminals for free.
        If you want to leave the airport it will be a pretty expensive cab ride to anywhere else. The airport's pretty much in the middle of nowhere as far as food is concerned.

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        1. re: Nata Harli

          There is an AB's in the airport. Stay away. Far away. I've had it, and friends have had it. Its bad. I'm not sure what they're thinking serving that stuff.

          Not much up by the airport. Zona Rosa is pretty cool, not much in the way of barbecue up there though.

        2. if you really have 3-4 hours. If not for the expensive cab ride AB's (original) or Gates on Brooklyn can be easily done in that time frame.

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            Yeah, I guess we have more like FIVE hours in our, we are going to head to AB's (of course the original. I've heard there is one in the airport, but we aren't staying there for five hours). Hope its as good as its claimed to be :)