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Coffee Shop with Free WiFi (Downtown Toronto)

Been looking around for a coffee shop with free WiFi around the downtown area...normally I frequent Red Rocket and Moon Beam......any other suggestions in the downtown area....Free Wifi is the keyword here........

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    1. I've been including the word WiFi in place links whenever I come across that info on a restaurant website, so if you go to the places hub at

      and plug ' WiFi ' in the search field, you'll come up with a list, not comprehensive at all mind you and not all coffee shops, but some suggestions.

      1. Well guys I have done that those searches but like JamieK mentioned ,found nothing comprehensive.........BTW can anyone confirm if 7 West on Yonge and charles have free WiFi......

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          I just called there, and was informed by 7 West that they do NOT have wifi.

        2. Linux Caffe, on Harbord @ Grace has great coffee (Ideal), decent grub (vegan homemade muffins, etc.), and free wifi. They even broadcast wifi into the adjacent park so you can sit under the shade on a park bench in the summer to work if you like.

          1. Go crazy. There SEEMS to be a lot of free locations downtown. I'd call though to confirm.


            1. Jet Fuel on Parliament has free Wi-Fi

              1. Some more suggestions, all with at least decent coffee and food options to go with the wi-fi:

                Cafe 260 - 260 Richmond St. East - get the router code from the cashier - above average coffee and food

                Bisogno - King & Sherbourne - best coffee within a large radius, except perhaps b espresso

                F'Coffee - 641 Queen East

                Lettieri - Front between Church and Jarvis

                Roastery Cafe - 401 Richmond St. West

                The lastr two have wi-fi courtesy of wirelesstoronto.ca, check out the wireless hotspot map on their site -- many of the locations are coffee shops.

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                  Thanks thats a comprehensive list to work on....Found another one called "Just Us" on Queen St W and Denison....decent place......

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                      Yup and you can check my post on that topic regarding it :-)

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                        The replacement, Greenavi Cafe, also has free wireless. Actually sometimes the place is a bit creepy when it's filled with nothing but silent headphoned laptoppers. Tables near the counter even have access to electrical outlets if your laptop battery ain't what it used to be. Oh, and the coffee is okay but nothing exciting.

                        490 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

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                          I was all excited until I read the last sentence.

                  1. Aroma Espresso Bar (one block east of Bathurst on the north side of Bloor) has free Wifi and good coffee!

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                      Agreed - though when I was there the other day, none of their outlets (of which they don't have many to begin with) were working. My laptop's battery life sucks so for me, that's a real issue.

                    2. Anywhere on College? I know Manic doesn't...

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                        I've heard that Cucina at College and Grace have free wifi. Friends of mine that work nearby apparently go there to work every so often during the day. Above, I also mentioned Linux Caffe, which is just a block up from Cucina and I know for sure they have wifi and plenty of electrical outlets (I go there myself quite frequently).

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                          Cucina is closed. Linnux absolutely does. It's at the corner of Harbord & Grace.

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                            The Remarkable Bean on Queen St E in the Beaches (near Willow, north side) has free WiFi. They also make awesome homemade muffins, and roast their own beans on site

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                              Linux Caffe - Harbord & Grace.
                              A bit out of the way, but very 'community-feeling'.

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                            Looks like the Dolce gelato place also free WiFi (at least according to their sign) near College and Bathurst.

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                              I am sure the WiFi at Starbucks is not Free

                        2. Ella's Uncle, on Dundas west. A charming small little cafe with free wifi and clever staff.

                          1. Art Square Cafe on Dundas W. and Starbucks in Manulife both have wifi, I believe

                            1. anywhere at yonge/eg/mount pleasant?

                              1. Espresso Etc on 350 Dundas Street West has free wifi too....

                                  1. not a coffee place but if you are in the mood for beer and some food.The Dizzy on Roncesvalles has free wifi

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                                      Two other pubs with free wireless are the Jason George at Front & Jarvis, and the Dominion Pub on Queen East. Though the wireless configuration at the Dominion is a bit odd, I've never gotten it to work on my laptop, though others have no issue. Both bars have adequate pub-quality food, but the beer selection on tap is far more interesting at the Dominion.

                                      Dominion On Queen Beer Parlour Kitchen & Jazz Club
                                      500 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

                                      The Jason George
                                      100 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A1E1, CA

                                    2. Urbano at Bay Street. Should be south of Charles, north of Wellesley.

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                                      1. kawatha cafe (not sure if I spelled it right) on college near bathurst has free wifi

                                        1. There's a place where you have to pay? Anyway, here's a list of WiFi hotspots in TO -

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                                            Dark Horse has free wi-fi...amazing coffee and amazing muffins!

                                            Starbucks now has a deal with Bell that you get 2 hrs free, but you have to have a Starbucks card.

                                          2. Starbucks. You get 2 hours free with a Starbucks card - it doesn't have to be registered or have money on it now, it just has to have had money on it at one point.

                                            Most people I know have large quantities of Starbucks cards, thanks to forgetting their active one, getting seasonal designs, gifts, etc. I have a personal deck of 15-20 that have been used over the years.

                                            Also, if you have a bell cell phone or dsl, you get free access to the hotspot network (Starbucks, Timothy's, etc).

                                            If you're downtown you should almost always be within range of a Starbucks WiFi signal, just set up a file with a list of your card numbers and PINs and you're golden.

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                                              Thanks for the info about Starbucks and its WI-FI.

                                            2. Hank's Cafe (connected to Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar) has free wifi and the best espresso in Toronto.

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                                                I'm curious...what makes it the best espresso in TO?

                                                1. re: csmk

                                                  I'm not sure how to properly describe the differences in taste, but I prefer it to all other coffee places (Manic & Bulldog were my previous favourites). When the barista Sam is there, it is much better than the few times I have had it made by baristas there, although it is still good with the others.

                                                  Here's a video with Sam from Hank's:

                                              2. On College, Coffee Culture is pretty laptop friendly - plugs. etc. and free wifi and is pretty cosy.

                                                North, up on on Bloor, there's new place, T-Cafe -- where Donney's was until this spring -- that also has free wifi and plenty of plugs. Food-wise, the reviews have been mixed though.

                                                Link: http://www.yyztech.ca/venues/venue/tcafe

                                                Coffee Culture
                                                409 College St, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

                                                1. Better and Better Bakery Cafe at Bloor and Bathurst (north side of Bloor, west of Bathurst) has reliable wifi, good coffee and great banana bread.

                                                  1. Any places for free wifi, that are not Starbucks (sorta-free wifi), around the Dundas St. west and University area? The only place I can think of is the Apple store, but there must be others a bit closer...

                                                    1. The Bean @ 388 College st.
                                                      Free wifi, good coffee, good food,
                                                      Has is Liquor license

                                                      1. Tequila Bookworm, 512 Queen St. W. Decent food and coffee, laid-back atmosphere.

                                                        Tequila Bookworm
                                                        512 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

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                                                          True Brew Cafe on The Danforth, east of Woodbine, north side. A quiet little Cafe with free wi-fi. Good coffee and expresso and tasty treats.