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Mar 14, 2008 06:47 AM

Coffee Shop with Free WiFi (Downtown Toronto)

Been looking around for a coffee shop with free WiFi around the downtown area...normally I frequent Red Rocket and Moon Beam......any other suggestions in the downtown area....Free Wifi is the keyword here........

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    1. I've been including the word WiFi in place links whenever I come across that info on a restaurant website, so if you go to the places hub at

      and plug ' WiFi ' in the search field, you'll come up with a list, not comprehensive at all mind you and not all coffee shops, but some suggestions.

      1. Well guys I have done that those searches but like JamieK mentioned ,found nothing comprehensive.........BTW can anyone confirm if 7 West on Yonge and charles have free WiFi......

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        1. re: warlock

          I just called there, and was informed by 7 West that they do NOT have wifi.

        2. Linux Caffe, on Harbord @ Grace has great coffee (Ideal), decent grub (vegan homemade muffins, etc.), and free wifi. They even broadcast wifi into the adjacent park so you can sit under the shade on a park bench in the summer to work if you like.

          1. Go crazy. There SEEMS to be a lot of free locations downtown. I'd call though to confirm.