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Apr 9, 2002 09:24 PM

so odd they are hip

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Looking for some fun restaurants for out of town friends.

To give you an idea of what I am looking for the last time they were here I took them to:

Sushi on Tap - tap dancing sushi place in the Valley

Prince @ 3198 W. Seventh St. - just an odd place. This is from a LA Weekly review "a dark, subterranean Korean pub inhabiting the fanciest restaurant in Los Angeles circa 1953, complete with awn jockeys at the top of the stairs, oil paintings of earls above oxblood leather banquettes, and Holiday magazine awards on the walls."

that Thai Elvis Restaurant on Sunset (has a Thai Elvis impersonator and pretty good Thai food).

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  1. Ever been to Bahooka in Rosemead? "Polynesian/Tiki" type place, but not a typical idea of such. Lost of nautical stuff everywhere you look, 100 fishtanks, and no Tiki gods.

    1. Ah, the late lamented Sushi on Tap! What a great place that was...

      Have to check out Prince... Have you been to the Korean bar that now inhabits the old Brown Derby ? (That's not Prince is it?) There's also Stone Age 2000 or whatever it's called -- Korean bar with Flinstones atmo...

      Can't think of any other really "odd" places right now but here are some kitsch-cool options, all pretty obvious choices:

      Clifton's Cafeteria -- bonus is that you get to walk on Bway

      The rotating bars atop Transamerica Bldg and Bonaventure Hotel

      Clockers at Santa Anita -- but races aren't happening right now are they?

      That creole (ish) restaurant inside the Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland -- by far my favorite restaurant in the world when I was a little kid

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        felix the dog

        Racing at Santa Anita ends for the Spring nn April 21.

        1. re: felix the dog

          Polka's in Eagle Rock might fit the bill. You might search the archives, there were some posts a while back, including mine. But of course (she said peevishly) that doesn't mean they're to be found now....

        2. re: Rafi

          LOVE stone age 2000 (watch out for the fruit-flavored soju, it will render you senseless), and the prince too, which i just heard is also used to run expensive call girls. that certainly adds to the charm as far as i am concerned.

          in the kitsch vein, i HIGHLY recommend the lowenbrau keller, a german restaurant at 3211 beverly blvd. (just east of virgil, i think). the decor is completely over the top - beer posters, animal heads, a piano, chandeliers, huge paintings, candelabras everywhere - there is not an inch of this place that isn't covered in crap! the owner's late husband was a set decorator, and he really went to town. not many people seem to know it's there; my friends and i are usually the only patrons when we go. there's a nice selection of german beer, very good chicken schnitzel, and some kind of alpine skiing music in the background to boot...

          1. re: felicia

            I can't find a listing for Stone Age 2000 anywhere. It sounds like a trip! Does someone have an address or something?

            1. re: Stan

              stone age 2000 is in koreatown on wilshire blvd and alexandria, i think? (a block or 2 west of the hms bounty/gaylord apartments, which is at wilshire and kenmore.) it's on the top floor of the mini-mall in the old brown derby location, actually called "brown derby plaza" or something like that.