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Mar 14, 2008 06:36 AM

Please help me pick another side for my St. Paddy's Party.....

So I'm having a St. Paddy's party on Sunday. I've done most of the shopping already, but feel like my menu's lacking something: mainly another veggie. So far, I plan to serve dishes than can mostly be prepared ahead of time, leaving me plenty of time to enjoy the party. Here's what I'm serving:

Baked ham & rolls, Cheesy Potato Gratin, Coleslaw, ????, Oatmeal Cookies, Sugar Cookies.

So, my menu's a little sparse on the veggies, unless you count the mayo-slathered cabbage as a veg. Tasty, yes. Heathly, no. I was thinking about making some type of dilled carrot salad for the other side dish, but then I thought that the sour in that dish might be a little similar to the coleslaw flavors.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Especially those dishes that could be either served at room temperature or could easily withstand being cooked in a crockpot for 3 hours.

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  1. Well, green is a big color for St. Parick Day's, why not grilled or roasted asparagus? It's often on sale this time of year. You can serve grilled/roasted asparagus in advance and serve at room temperature.

    1. how about roasted brussel sprouts

      1. How about a mixed green salad w/ roasted beets, goat cheese and toasted walnuts (& red peppers instead of beets) w/ a vinaigrette. Adds green (and red color)

        Or an apple, celery, pear and walnut salad w/ lemon juice, parsley, capers, olive oil & S&P. That's seasonal -- and refreshing, particularly w/ the heavy ham and taters. Though mostly white, and you have alot of white going on w/ the rolls and potatoes.

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          I really like the mixed green salad idea (goat cheese is one of my favorites, so that sounds really good)

        2. On the Peeps Cuisine thread, a chowhound mentioned bringing green peeps to St. Patty's Day party ;)

          1. Here's what I'm doing: three salads that represent the three colors (colours!) of the Irish Flag. Broccoli salad for green, Cole Slaw for white, and Carrot Salad for orange. I;'m doing the broccoli with Asian dressing and the carrots Morroccan style, so it won't be all mayonaissy.