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Mar 14, 2008 06:29 AM

Croque madame?

I'm craving a croque madame like nobody's business. Can anyone reccommend a place? Thank you so much!!

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  1. I haven't had it there, but I believe that Bruni spoke well this week of the one at Bar Boulud.

    He calls it "fantastic". I enjoyed my meal at the bar one Saturday lunch recently - walked it w/o a reservation.

    1. My roommate enjoyed her Croque Madame for brunch at 'Flea Market' in the East Village. I believe they also serve Croque Monsieurs.

      1. The one served at brunch at EU is great.

        1. I usually order a croque monsieur. La Bonne Soupe has a good one. I like the versions at Petite Abeille and Cafe de Bruxelles as well, although they aren't quite traditional.

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            I like the one at la bonne soupe - they do it with bechamel. I was under the impression that it always had bechamel until i got it at a couple of other places with no signs of it recently. i asked the (french) waitress what the deal was and she said in france a lot of places don't do it with bechamel now. laaaaazyyyyyyyy.

          2. The one they serve for brunch at Resto is pretty much as good as it gets in my book. The melted gruyere cheese is so rich and filling...Yum! I want one right now just thiking about it!


            Anothe good one is at L'express. Nice thing about this one is that you can get it at any time since L'express is open 24/7! Enjoy!