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Good eats near Disneyland (again)

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We'll be in the Disneyland area later this month. I've looked thru the threads and found a few suggestions but am asking for more! We don't particularly need "fancy" but rather are more interested in "good" food - especially Asian. How far from Disneyland do we have to go for good Asian (Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, etc.) food? We're not afraid to explore and will appreciate any suggestions you all can provide.

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  1. If you want Chinese/Vietnemese of course just go South down Brookhurst Ave. to Bolsa. Little Saigon has hundreds of places in a small area and is only about 8 miles from Disneyland. I will let others suggest some places.

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      Thanks Al. I'll check it out. Hope others post some specifics.

    2. By whatever means necessary, drive a few minutes north on the 5 freeway to Renu Nakorn (Thai) in Norwalk. It's on Rosecrans Ave. about 1/2 mile southeast of the 5/Rosecrans exit. I just went there today (more details in a separate post later) and it's worth going the extra distance.

      Ditto the previous remarks on Vietnamese in Westminster's Little Saigon. Try Brodard's (search for other posts) but be warned that it can be a little hard to find. There are also some good Korean restaurants along Garden Grove Blvd. in Garden Grove north of Harbor Blvd.

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        Chris, thanks for your suggestions. I have to plead ignorance - how do you search on this message board? I can't seem to find a "search" function! I've seen Brodard's mentioned though in several other posts and will try to find it. I have to admit that I'm one of those people who like to prowl around ethnic supermarkets on vacation! I can spend hours walking around and looking at stuff in an Asian mall! My poor husband thinks I'm a little wacky but he sure likes my cooking...

      2. For a truly special Thai experience, do yourself a favor and plan a visit to the Royal Thai Orchid in the City of Orange. It is located in a strip mall adjacent to the Ralphs shopping center across from Toyota of Orange. From Disneyland, take Katella to Tustin and make a left then a quick right. Then, bear right as you enter the shopping center. Otherwise, from Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, take the 55 North to the Katella Street exit and turn left. Then, get immediately into the right lane and look to make a right into the Round Table Pizza driveway one block before you cross Tustin.

        To be fair, I have not tried everything on the menu. What I have tried, however, I will stand behind as what must be among the absolute best Thai preparation available anywhere. My favorites include Cashew Chicken (unbelievable sauce!), Thai BBQ Chicken (best barbequed chicken I have ever had -- dip generously and frequently into the delicious homemade plum sauce and enjoy with your favorite rice on the side) and Spicy Shrimp (order extra sauce and sprinkle it on mandatory steamed rice). Oh -- and do not forget to wash down these items with several glasses of the best Thai tea that I have ever had! This Thai tea is wonderfully light and refreshing -- not thick and syrupy like so many others I have tried. Some have considered it "too sweet" for a beverage, but I say that it marries perfectly (and most refreshingly) with the various delicously spicy yummies that you will consume here.

        Admittedly, I am not the most adventurous eater. But I love a good sauce, and this place has them in SPADES! Simply the best sauces I have had in any cuisine -- Thai or otherwise. This place is clean, comfortable, and well run by the same husband and wife team (Tony and Nitta) that it has been for going on twenty years now. All the food here is fresh, carefully prepared and full of flavor. The service is gracious and the ambiance charming.

        Royal Thai Orchid is open Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner, Saturday for dinner only and closed Sunday.


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          David, thanks for the detailed response. We love Thai food so will probably check it out! I'll post a report.

        2. There's a great little Thai restaurant in Irvine. That is about 15 miles from Disneyland. I don't recall the name of it just now, but will if you are interested in driving that distance. (5 to 55 to MacArthur to Main) It is located on Main Street near MacArthur; more specifically, within the Concourse Office Complex (Uhm, that's where the Sports Club Irvine is located) (which incidently, is where Sylvester Stallone filmed the city scenes of his movie a while ago; the one about a cryogenically imprisoned criminal brought back to life.)

          The food is really good, rather light, and not too highly priced. Dine indoors or out (if it's warm). It is open at night (as well as day) and it's inside the complex near the big metal art pieces colored in primary colors.

          Park near El Torito Grill or McCormick and Schmick's.

          1. Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa

            A Japanese-based plaza is located very close to freeways. Not during rush hours, it takes only about 10 minutes from Disneyland to there.

            Link: http://www.mitsuwa.com/slh.html

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              Hiko, was this formerly known as Yaohan (excuse spelling?) I see they have a place in San Jose which is fairly close to home for us. Is it a supermarket? Thanks for your posts!

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                A few years ago Yaohan, who had a big financial problem, sold all of its U.S. stores.

                The one located in Costa Mesa is very similar to its San Jose store.

                Like large Safeway stores in the Bay Area, both locations(San Jose and Costa Mesa) have you-can-eat-there places, compared to something between supermarkets and malls.

            2. Since no one answered with particular places in Little Siagon in Westminster/Garden Grove here is a link you can try from the L.A. Times.http://www.calendarlive.com/top/1,141...

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                wow i'm a dog

                Seafood Paradise
                8602 Westiminster Blvd.
                Westminster, CA 92683

                Incredible dim-sum. Worth the short drive from the Magic Kingdom. Go early (10:30-11:00-ish) if you will be going on the weekend.

              2. If you are really in hurry for a quick meal, you can go to one of Yoshinoya stores in Orange County.

                The one in Anaheim should be only 5 minutes; depending on traffic jams.

                Link: http://www.yoshinoyausa.com/west.html

                1. I live about three miles from the mouse trap, and I love great asian food, so go no further.
                  The best Chinese food in the area is in Little Saigon, which is about 4 miles south, southwest of D-land.
                  Probably the best no-lose spot to go is "Seafood Paradise" (On Westminster Blvd., about 1/4 mile west of Magnolia Street). If you are eating dinner, you absolutely must have the salted/pepper lobster. It's their house specialty and it's a no miss (provided that you have a propensity to slightly spicy lobster). Trust me.
                  Like most Chinese restaurants, they go for quick table turnover, so getting a table is usually no problem and reservations are not needed. However, be cautioned that sometimes on saturday evenings they will book a wedding which kind of crowds the place (but kind of fun too, because the host will sit you among the wedding party sometimes!).
                  There's some good thai restaurants around , but none that I can really speak of.
                  I'm looking for a good Vietnamese restaurant myself..
                  Have fun here in SoCal and let me know what you find!

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                    For Pho, try Pho Bo Vang 23764 Mercury Rd, Lake Forest - (949) 707-5768.
                    The broth is the best I have tasted, and the meats are not budget cuts--really nice. there are 3 sizes-Reg, Large & Extra Large or as I like to call it "the mixing bowl." Prices are very reasonable. They have great egg rolls and spring rolls as well.
                    It is in a little strip mall with a load of other favorite eats as well. The Italian place next door has great eggplant parm, and Inka mamma's a couple doors down has a great beef dish served with fries--yummy.
                    I also have to put this out into the Universe. One of my very favorite restaurants on earth is "Fukada's." It is sort of the health food of Japan. Amazing lunch and dinner special--Udon or Soba hot or cold with tempura or mountain vegetables served with a side dish. I ususally get the Unagi Don (grilled eel--don't say eww until you have tried it!) over steamed brown organic rice (really really really amazing how good this rice is!). The stewed pork has great seasonings--loads of fat (which is what makes it so tender and yummy but be warned). They have amazing tempura try the pumpkin and sweet potato--oh and the avocado tempura and the seared tuna salad with a crunchy roll. This is not a sushi restaurant to much as a truly brilliant taste of Japans home cooking.
                    8683 Irvine Center Dr
                    Irvine, CA 92618
                    (949) 341-011

                    And for ramen try
                    Shin Sen Gumi Hakata Ramen
                    18315 Brookhurst St
                    Fountain Valley, CA 92708
                    (714) 962-8952‎
                    Great food, fun atmosphere, but expect to wait a while to be seated--worth it

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                      Just a note that this thread is seven years old. Pho Bo Vang is tasty but there is better pho closer to Disneyland. (Pho Bo Vang, though, might be the best pho in the 949.)

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                        Also, that's not Inka Mama's next door it's Nory's. Inka Mama's is much better.

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                          I second Shin Sen Gumi. I really like their Ramen.

                      2. Napa Rose located in Disney's Grand California Hotel is one of the best restaurants in Orange County.

                        1. Get thee to Little Saigon. There are some good restaurants on Harbor Blvd. just about 15 mins away from Disneyland. Disneyland has awful expensive food. We love to go to Disneyland but we always grab a Banh Mi at Lee's in the AM and take a break around 6pm and head to Little Saigon.

                          There is also a large Korean community in Anaheim. I've heard there are some good restaurants, but I haven't tried any. I think there is a Kyochon in Garden Grove.

                          There is a Lee's Sandwiches on Harbor and Garden Grove Blvd.