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Mar 14, 2008 05:41 AM

Pizza in Portland Maine

Last minute trip to Portland/Gorham area thhis wekkend to take about ten college kids out for Pizza...can;t find any previous posts with really good rec's...


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  1. Flatbread-Commercial St
    Portland Pie-York St.
    Bonobo's-West End
    Pat's Pizza

    Does anyone know if Siano's on Steven's Ave is good?

    Pretty much in that order

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    1. re: Noreaster

      Second the motion on both Flatbread and Bonobo: both have innovative approaches and delicious flavors. Flatbread is a little better as an eat-in place, but apt to be VERY crowded, esp. at weekends. Skip Pat's, unless you get to the "original" store in Orono.

      1. re: mainemal

        I would go to Portland Pie. While the pizza might not be as good Bonobo's or Flatbread, going to either of those places would end up setting you back financially quite a bit for ten college kids. The pizza at Flatbread is great and maybe worth the cost, but Bonobo's pizza is at times good and at times has verged on inedible.

    2. I have to agree with the last entry...Flatbread is just that, extremely flat, DELICIOUS and loaded with whatever you want or there is a daily Vegetarian and Carne....
      Bonobo....have not been, but heard rave things!
      Portalnd Pie is fantastic....and the new space is there is one in Westbrook as well, which is close to Gorham.

      1. Anyone have thoughts on Ricetta's in SoPo? The pizza all you can eat buffet at lunch would be a good deal for alot of students.

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        1. re: Tipatina

          I suppose Ricetta's would be an acceptable fallback. I don't know why they get voted best pizza every year as I have always found it to be very mediocre but to paraphrase a favorite quotation, "Pizza is like sex. Even when it's bad it's still pretty good.

          1. re: Noreaster

            Amen! I could, perhaps sadly, eat pizza every day for the rest of my life.

            I would second either Flatbread or Portland Pie. Flatbread is great and does get crowded but generally has space if you're willing to wait. The Portland Pie in Westbrook is quite close to Gorham and, while not huge, also has great pizza. I have not been to Bonobo but have heard great things, and would not recommend Ricetta's, as it's generally just "ok" in my book, often crowded w/iffy service, and perhaps not very college-kid friendly? Good luck!

          2. re: Tipatina

            The Ricetta's in SoPo is not as good as the one in Falmouth. But if you're going for cheap eats that's ok, I'd hit Pat's in Yarmouth instead. It's the only one that compares to the original in Orono. But, if you're going for good food, Flatbread and Bonobo are not to be missed.

            1. re: billyblue

              thanks everyone...looks like we got options...will look again later...