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Apr 9, 2002 05:26 PM

Tasty, Healthy, Prepared Foods?

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Although I love to cook, I have little time for it anymore. (I am a mother of a one year old and I've recently started back to work). I'd love to hear about your favorite prepared foods that need little more than a few minutes in the microwave or oven. I do most of my shopping at Trader Joes & Whole Foods & would love suggestions from these market but don't feel limited to these establishments. I also would like to find foods that are not loaded in carbs, fats & this too much to ask???

I just finished a chicken caesar from TJ's which was fine, though low on the chicken.

What do YOU suggest?

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  1. The only frozen "entrees" I buy are from Trader Joes. Although they are never, by definition, a replacement for the "real thing", I find that the TJ selection is good with respect to being relatively (comparatively) low in fat and sodium. I like the Chicken Masala with basmati rice; also the Thai Green Chicken curry. Neither will particularly fill you up - round them out with a salad and dessert. Speaking of salad - considering the ridiculous price of romaine of late, I found a place selling it for 79 cents a bunch! Coincidentally, right across the parking lot from Trader Joe's in Sherman Oaks (Hazeltine and Riverside). A small produce/fruit store called Farm Boy. Great selection of apples and other fruit at incredibly low prices; rapini for $1.99 for a huge bunch, etc.

    1. My favorite pressed-for-time-but-want-something-good-on-a-budget from WF is this:

      Hit their salad bar, get their miso dressing on the side, pick up some seared ahi from the prepared/deli section and throw it all together at home for lunch - toss some of those good dumplings from the frozen section (either WF or TJs) and you're on for dinner.

      Hmmm...will keep thinking of more....

      1. Have a friend who lives and dies with The Main Course on Pico near Rancho Park. She says that among other things the turkey meat loaf is really good and since she works and has two teen agers plus husband, she stops by a couple of times a week. I am seeing her on Thursday so will ask for some more recommendations.

        1. I saw my friend who buys at the Main Course on Pico near Manning all the time. She loves the chicken paprika, husband likes the turkey meat loaf, turkey rice soup and split pea soup. Kids like the Chicken caesar salad. In fact she says there isn't anything they don't like; its all homemade and very fresh and good size portions and they really have a very large menu. Hope this helps.

          1. I forgot to say that my friend said that the stuffed cabbage was REALLY good at the Main Course.