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Mar 14, 2008 05:33 AM

Easter Brunch in Detroit

Looking for suggestions for Easter Brunch for 3 adults. Plans with the family fell through and we've decided to just do brunch. Please advise! Thanks!

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  1. La Dolce Vita in Detroit has a really good brunch but it has been 3 years since I was there.

    1. What area? Detroit proper or anywhere in the area?

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      1. The Whitney...I know they've changed staff/management. But the meal has courses that your order...not big buffet. Service has always been cordial and professional in gogeous surroundings. It's a specail event and we've always enjoyed itl

        1. Hey Gary
          Why don't you and Babe come out to my neck of the woods and try Fox Hills Country Club. They have a fantastic Sunday buffet and I'm sure they will be putting on the 9's for Easter. You'll need reserves and there will be a lot of people but the food's great and bountiful. They're on North Territorial.

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            Thanks Bob...I've heard good things about FOx Hills. I will have to try it out for sure!!

          2. I looked through the Freep's listings of Easter brunch places and wish I could do this instead of Easter dinner--lots of them sound good! Personal experience, albeit for Mother's Day, is that O'maras in Berkley does a very good special occasion brunch.

            Here's the Freep listing