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Mar 13, 2008 11:48 PM

5 Days in Paris 4 People to Feed Staying the in 7th

Hi I am taking my husband and fourteen year old boys to Paris on airline points and staying it what is probably a pretty bad hotel ( Now what and where am I going to feed them? The Bad But Cheap in the 7th arrondisement has a little table and small fridge so breakfast and snacks are done. I was thinking to have a heavy lunch and ligtht dinner some days. The kids do Asian but are crazy for anything French. (We went to Quebec City last year and they preferred to sleep in the car two nights so they could go to more french restaurants). They are boys and they never stop eating. Help. Mother would be worried if it were not for Chowhound. Thank you.

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  1. I had a very nice meal at Le Maupertu in the 7th. They were gracious, and the cooking is very good. It's in the not-so-expensive for Paris category. That area is filled with good restaurants and shops.

    1. Ohhh if they are meat lovers, then the Entrecote in the 8th on Rue Marbeuf. Not far from you. Just be there a few before 7 pm..They have no menu. It is steak and fries...On Rue St Dominique there is Cafe Constance, great menu.
      You should eat light at lunch and heavy for dinner.
      Asian in Paris is just awful, so skip it.

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        happytoo- have to respectfully disagree with you. I would suggest having the biggest meal of the day be at lunch, at least for the first days. Not sure how long lamandel and family are staying, but jet lag-wise, I prefer having a larger lunch and lighter evening meal. Part of this may be because I am usually coming from the west coast and have to get over the nine hour time difference. Lunches are also when you can find some great value menu offerings.

        Lamandel- what month are you going and for how long? Depending on how late sundown is, and what time parks close, you could also consider a dinner picnic or two. If the parks close too early, a picnic on Ile St Louis on the banks of the Seine, on the wooden bridge Pont des Arts, or on the banks of the Seine near the Eiffel Tower or across at the Trocadero all come to mind.

      2. Where in the 7e? Its pretty large. Tons of food options in the 7e. Thoumieux on Rue St. Dominique, Bistro du Marche on Rue Cler and Chez L'ami Jean on rue Malar are fairly inexpensive although with the dollar the way that it is, nothing will be cheap . These are all in the western 7 close to eiffel tower. I am less familier with the eastern end of 7e.

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          We stayed in the 7th with my two younger daughters on our first trip to Paris. We shopped in the Rue Cler market everyday it was open. The whole roasted chicken was a big treat. I made sandwiches for our marches into unknown. We also enjoyed a spread of cheeses, olives, stuffed grape leaves, etc. That market sells everything! There is an excellent bakery on St Dominique several blocks east of Rue Cler. There are also a number of "local" restaurants near that bakery you won't find addressed on this board, but will find great fun, passable and interesting food that is affordable and within walking distance. There are at least two restaurants on St Dominique that ARE addressed frequently on this board and indeed are excellent! Have fun and remember to spend money a little freer than you might usually because this MIGHT be the only trip to Paris your boys may have.

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            My wife suggested another idea for your next trip....we don't stay in hotels. We google on "vacation rentals Paris" (works in any place you'd want to go!) and pick an apartment that suits us. That time withour daughters we had a full apartment with a balcony on Rue d'Comet. The cost was well below what a hotel would cost. We are going again next month, staying in the 5th, and a two bedroom apartment with great appointments cost $1900 for 10 days. There were many acceptable choices at a cheaper price in the 18th and 9th, but we liked this one for this trip.
            What does this have to do with ChowHound? If you spend less on "room," you should have more $ for "board." Also, with a gourmet kitchen, you can COOK with all that great stuff they have in the markets for breakfast and a few of the evening meals! Check it out!

        2. near the rodin, a nice restaurant called August

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            Thanks one and all for your help. Our apartment fell through and we are now at another one in the 15th the Adiago Tour Eiffel. Any other thoughts appreciated. All the best Mom

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              Every time we walk by Boulanger Colas (bakery), there is some type of warm/hot-from-the-oven pastry on their cooling rack. Their hot baguettes riddled with chocolate-chips are wonderful.

              Bolanger Colas is at 187 Rue de Grenelle, 2 blocks east of Rue Cler and on the way to Invalides. A great walking snack when you're near Rue Cler

              If you 're nearby, I recommend you just walk in, ask what is hot, and buy it.

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                L'Ami Jean is an excellent suggestion. Also, Le Troquet in the 15th (basque), Lescure in the 1st, just off Place de la Concorde (Limousin--try the duck en Limousin--fantastic), Chez Jenny for Alsatian (kid friendly) and, yes, the market in rue Cler for all sorts of goodies (even though its a ways from your new digs),

            2. La Brasserie and Pastel (on your street) are resonably priced with decent food. Restaurant De La Tour is more upscale and pricey with a better kitchen. It is on your way to the Tour Eiffel. FYI, get to know the 42 bus line; it's your best bet given the Adagio's location.

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                Oops, Pastel is now Le Bayadere (named after the ballet) at # 51 rue du Theatre. Prix-fixe menus still reasonable at 12E and 15E at lunch. Time to update the PDA.