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Mar 13, 2008 10:42 PM

San Rafael - Umi Sushi & Grill?

Has anyone tried this place yet? It is in the spot that once housed Akira.

The owner's mother makes the noodles for their udon

The place record has some blog links with photos.

Umi Sushi & Grill
819 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901

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  1. Is Akira gone? That was a nice classy little place.

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    1. re: Sharuf

      I'm pretty sure it is. This place has the same address and on yelp Akira is tagged as closed though oddly no reviews about the new place yet. One of the blogs said the owners were doing a soft opening in December.

      1. re: rworange

        It was reviewed just yesterday in the Marin I-J. It certainly sounds interesting in Leslie Harlib's piece which she closes by wondering if it might not be too unique to compete with the popular, more standard sushi place nearby. Here is a link to her review:

        1. re: alfairfax

          Thanks. The IJ didn't show up in the google search yet last night.

          Interesting ... Harlib starts ...

          "When I come across a dense four-page menu as esoteric as Umi Sushi's in downtown San Rafael, I get frustrated. I wish I could be dining with a party of six or more so we could work our way through the offbeat choices that will likely be new experiences for anyone who's never been to Japan."

          It makes me wish I knew more about Japanese food to know what is unique on that menu. The website doesn't have the menu yet. I do know I want to try that dessert ... house-made cream anmitsu ... one of the blogs has a picture of it and also speaks highly of it and the house-made ice cream.

          The deep-fried chicken skin (torikawa baribari) sounds great. Harlib's description makes it sound delicious.

          Hope some Chowhound reports back. I'm going to give it a try when I get over there one of these days for the Thursday farmers market.