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Kid-friendly yet high quality food in North Shore Lake Tahoe?

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We'll be at Northstar in a few weeks and will have our 2 year old daughter with us. She's well-behaved and eats out with us regularly, but that doesn't means she doesn't occasionally raise her voice or throw a napkin on the floor. I don't want us to be "that" couple with the kid at a formal restaurant, but I'm also hoping we're not going to be stuck eating at the chain restaurants/coffee shops/OB's.

I've scoured the boards for general North shore recs and wanted to know if Moody's, Dragonfly, Plumpjack or others in that range might be appropriate for lunch w/a 2 year old (I assume no way for dinner but correct me if I'm wrong). We've eaten at Cottonwood in the past pre-kid and I just don't think it's appropriate to bring a 2 year old there with its more formal vibe (and we weren't that impressed by the food).

Any help/advice would be much appreciated!

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  1. I suggest The Soule Domaine at state line on the North Shore. If you search the California Board you wil find posts and a link to the restaurant. I've eaten there at least 20 times in the last 20 years. It is one of my favorite restaurants. The OLD cabin with a small fireplace has a very cozy feel. While I don't recall ever seeing a small child I don't think it would be a problem for dinner. I've never eaten lunch there.

    1. Honestly, most restaurants in the LT are casual and family friendly. Not all would have a children's menu but it's a resort area so even the most high end establishments welcome the patronage.

      Even though Plumpjack would be on the high end I'm sure the would accommodate you. I've seen children at Dragonfly. I would skip the West Shore Cafe just because of the price.

      We spend most of the summer there and I've posted a few reviews here:


      I would also recommend looking for posts from RevrendAndy. He posts a lot about the area.

      1. My wife just questioned my suggestion for The Soule Domaine. She doesn't agree with it as Kid-friendly. We've agreed to disagree on it. Good luck on what ever you chose and enjoy your stay at Northstar.

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          pasoguy: The Soule Domaine sounds delicious and is such a lovely restaurant (went to the website), but I think I agree with your wife that it might ruin the mood for other diners if I bring my 2 year old. She's cute and sweet, don't get me wrong, but that kind of peaceful ambiance isn't going to last if she starts talking up a storm (as she doesn't have volume control yet). We'll have to convince the in-laws to go north w/us in the future so they can stay home w/her while hubby and I go!

          MSK: I'm still going through your very detailed reviews. AWESOME! Thanks for the link. I found it through the search engine and was halfway through it last night, when I got distracted by the Wild Goose reference and started trying to find out if my in-laws were members (they own up at Northstar). Alas, they are not members (as it's separate from the ownership), so we can't go try that restaurant out. Sounds like a really unique dining experience! Though again, I think it would be too inappropriate for a 2 year old.

          Anyhow, thanks so much and I welcome more suggestions!