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Truffle Oil Use

I received a gift basket full of goodies, extra virgin olive oil, great balsamic vinegar, marinating sauces and truffle oil.
I have experience with everything except the truffle oil.
Any suggestions?

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  1. On French fries, almost any egg dish/preparation, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies.
    That's a good start but I'm sure you'll get many great ideas on this topic

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      that about covers it! also, drizzled over white pizza with mushrooms.

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        I second the french fries. We were on Los Olas Blvd this weekend and went to Johnny V's and they have the most amazing truffled french fries.

      2. Lots of info if you do a search (type in truffle oil on this Home Cooking Board) - a couple of links below.

        A couple of my favorites - If it's black truffle oil - while popcorn is popping, melt butter with a drizzle of truffle oil. Toss popcorn with this, and grated Parmesan or Reggiano.

        For white truffle oil (Urbani is good) - drizzled over scrambled eggs, on mashed potatoes, french fries, anything that has mushrooms in it, or mixed with butter and served over steak, tossed with a simple pasta, or mixed with roasted vegetables such has roasted green beans, asparagus, or artichokes.




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            Indeed...add a touch to a finished risotto for some extra flavor.

          2. I use white truffle oil as a dip for crusty bread...sometimes adding a spritz of red pepper flakes. MMMMMmmmm.

            1. mmmm truffle oil..... I love it.

              Get some really good fresh mozzerella (small ones if you can) and warm it up a bit, so it's slightly melty. Add truffle oil and some freshly ground pepper and maybe some fresh chopped basil. Eat.

              I like put it on slices of lightly toasted baggette, but you can eat it just as it is and it is still fabulous. If you are going to do that, just toast the bread seperately and do it sort of like a chesse dish with a side of bread.

              1. Above suggestions fantastic. Also great on pizza -- had a super yummy sausage and truffle oil pizza in Sienna a ways back (folks in that neck of the woods seem quite promiscuous with their truffle oil use). Nigella Lawson in Nigella Express has a lovely recipe for Oeufs en Cocquette (basically coddled eggs with cream and truffle oil) that is delicious when you cut salt back a bit and shorten cooking time a touch.

                1. get a small piece of sushi grade tuna, slice it very thinly, sprinkel on some finely miced white onions, lemon zest and the truffle oil....and enjoy

                  1. I second the popcorn suggestion.

                    And try a simple fontina quesadilla, cooked in a skillet with a little vegetable oil and a little truffle oil.

                    1. I rub a steak with truffle oil before tossing it on the grill. Of course if you forget before it hits the grill you can always drizzle it over afterward.

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                        The ONE item you should NOT have in your pantry is Truffle Oil!!!! According to Gordon Ramsey.

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                          Fortunately, he rarely stops by my house to eat or inspect my pantry. ;>

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                            i saw that - the issue was that she drizzled the oil over the entire dish and it was all the judges could taste...truffle oil is *pungent* stuff. but of course it wouldn't be reality TV without contrived drama, so they had to make a HUGE deal out of it and act as though she had served them a casserole made with condensed soup and cheese out of a green can.

                            Gordon uses truffle oil himself...

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                              Seems that among chefs now there is an anti truffle oil blog/club. Problem seems to be there is a lot of "synthetic" truffle oil out and about.

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                                Neither synthetic nor natural is like actual shavings, so they're both the same in my book.

                                I think the stuff gets overly bashed (like it's the fashionable thing to do). I keep a small bottle around for occasional (of the "natural" variety, but only because that's the only stuff Whole Foods carries), and only occasional, use. Mostly on side dishes that have a mild flavor and could use an extra kick. But, I'm not disillusioned and think it's some magical ingredient. It's just a cheap trick that's used when lazy.

                                In restaurants, I'm fine if it shows up once on the menu. More than that... Sorry, but that to me is the telltale sign of a very lazy chef that's depending on a magical bottle of fake wonders.

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                                  In restaurants, I'm fine if it shows up once on the menu. More than that... Sorry, but that to me is the telltale sign of a very lazy chef that's depending on a magical bottle of fake wonders.
                                  i agree with you on this one. most home cooks have neither the means to purchase fresh truffles nor a reason to use them more than once in a blue moon even if they can find and afford them...so *good* truffle oil can be handy to use sparingly on occasion. but as a restaurateur or chef, if you don't have access to truffles or they're just not in your budget, change the dish.

                        2. i like a little bit in a salad simply dressed with olive oil and either lemon or vinegar. a tiny splash is lovely

                          1. Whatever you do, make sure you go easy with it...it's potent stuff, one extra dash and you could easily overpower and ruin the dish. The key to using truffle oil is to use it so you can -just barely- detect truffle. Any more and it throws the dish off balance.

                            1. Hating truffle oil is the new using truffle oil.

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