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Mar 13, 2008 08:37 PM

Truffle Oil Use

I received a gift basket full of goodies, extra virgin olive oil, great balsamic vinegar, marinating sauces and truffle oil.
I have experience with everything except the truffle oil.
Any suggestions?

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  1. On French fries, almost any egg dish/preparation, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies.
    That's a good start but I'm sure you'll get many great ideas on this topic

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    1. re: ilikefood

      that about covers it! also, drizzled over white pizza with mushrooms.

      1. re: ilikefood

        I second the french fries. We were on Los Olas Blvd this weekend and went to Johnny V's and they have the most amazing truffled french fries.

      2. Lots of info if you do a search (type in truffle oil on this Home Cooking Board) - a couple of links below.

        A couple of my favorites - If it's black truffle oil - while popcorn is popping, melt butter with a drizzle of truffle oil. Toss popcorn with this, and grated Parmesan or Reggiano.

        For white truffle oil (Urbani is good) - drizzled over scrambled eggs, on mashed potatoes, french fries, anything that has mushrooms in it, or mixed with butter and served over steak, tossed with a simple pasta, or mixed with roasted vegetables such has roasted green beans, asparagus, or artichokes.


          1. re: sarah galvin

            Indeed...add a touch to a finished risotto for some extra flavor.

          2. I use white truffle oil as a dip for crusty bread...sometimes adding a spritz of red pepper flakes. MMMMMmmmm.

            1. mmmm truffle oil..... I love it.

              Get some really good fresh mozzerella (small ones if you can) and warm it up a bit, so it's slightly melty. Add truffle oil and some freshly ground pepper and maybe some fresh chopped basil. Eat.

              I like put it on slices of lightly toasted baggette, but you can eat it just as it is and it is still fabulous. If you are going to do that, just toast the bread seperately and do it sort of like a chesse dish with a side of bread.