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Mar 13, 2008 08:36 PM

Fresh Roasted Coffee Edmonton

I promised my staff in Sherwood Park I would find real coffee for our Bunns. Please help me come through for them! We are looking for the best coffee (probably preground, but I might convince them to grind it themselves) in the Edmonton area...preferably in the east end or in Sherwood Park itself. Ideas?

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  1. Java Jive is a coffee roaster off of 99st. Have not tried the coffee there, but it is fresh roasted.
    Kopia at College plaza I have tried when I worked in the building and it was fabulous!!

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    1. re: cleopatra999

      Java jive is pretty decent. I really like all of their Dark roasts and some of their flavoured coffees aren't bad either. I had Chocolate raspberry the other day and it was a nice change.

      1. re: Bryn

        Do you know if Java Jive

        1) is open Saturdays?
        2) sells an espresso roast?
        3) is able to grind the coffee for you upon purchase? I still don't have a grinder at home but would like to get the fresh roasted stuff, not the typical pre-ground stuff which is usually pre-packaged and vacuum sealed and roasted weeks/months ago.


        1. re: egon61

          I'm pretty sure they sell an espresso roast, but I'm not sure about the other two as the java jive I frequent is at the university and I don't think they have a grinder there. I think you should invest the 20 or so dollars for a grinder. I got my cuisinart grinder at linens and things for $25 and fresh ground coffee every morning is a "Good Thing" as Martha would say.

    2. Transcend has a very good reputation.

      1. Transcend does really good coffee and they package it for commerical makers. It is good coffee and I think good value for the money. They are located just off 99th street near Argyll.

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        1. re: pengcast

          Damn you guys are good...I knew about and cokmpletely forgot about Transcend. I have just emailed them. Thanks!

        2. foodies, I just re-read your post- if you are going to get coffee pre-ground, it doesn't matter how "freshly roasted" it is- it will be stale by the time you bring it home. Coffee should NEVER be pre-ground, under ANY circumstances, no matter HOW it's packaged.

          Looking at suggestions on chowhound and visiting websites, I'm going to more urgently suggest that you consider Transcend. They do everything according to third-wave coffee principles would appear to be the best roaster in Edmonton. If you're looking for an espresso, please also consider the outstanding Intelligentsia Black Cat beans sold at Three Bananas Cafe.

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          1. re: John Manzo

            Hi John,

            Yes, very true. I have to ask my staff to commit to grinding in advance of brewing. I think pregound of local origin is most likely still better than the supermarket, but maybe not.

            1. re: John Manzo

              John Manzo, while I fully agree that freshly ground (i.e. immediately before use) is the best, reality often involves compromises.

              For my situation, I've concluded that buying a 1/2 lb. of quality, "recently" roasted coffee, having it ground, storing it in an airtight container and using it within 5 days is the best I can do at the moment.

              I hesitate to grind at home due to i) the very high costs of good quality burr grinders, especially espresso-specific grinders, ii) potential noise issues in my condo building early in the morning, iii) lack of counter space for a good quality grinder.

              The fact is that the vast majority of coffee consumed in N. America is still of the mass-market variety, roasted and ground long before use and shipped long distances from the factory. Any improvement from that, such as switching to a local roaster using high quality beans, is worthwhile in my opinion.

              1. re: egon61

                egon- if I get a new grinder I'll sell you my Rocky for peanuts- you will not believe how much better an espresso ground fresh can taste! Grinding for a double shot takes maybe 20 seconds, and that's not too much noise,

                1. re: John Manzo

                  John - if Egon doesn't take it, I'll buy it off of you! - broken hopper and all! Come on, you know you want a new Baratza! ;)

                  I'm at the university everyday, so let me know!

                  1. re: can_i_try_some

                    can it try- I'll definitely let you know- the hopper just has a crack, more important might be that I removed the fork and the thumbguard but both of those got in the way (especially the fork since it was the wrong size for my machine)- also the spring on the doser is broken so you have to go chuckachucka manually instead of it snapping back.

                    1. re: John Manzo

                      Fantastic! I'm using a manual grinder currently. Fairly consistent grinds, but it takes forever on finer settings.

                      I'll shoot off an email to your university account and you can reply back whenever you decide to trade it in. I've been liesurely shopping around for a grinder for months now, so I'm really in no rush.

                2. re: egon61

                  I don't find my mom's burr grinder to be much louder than my blade grinder.

                3. re: John Manzo

                  where is three bananas cafe? And is the INtelligentsia coffee the same as in Chicago?

                  1. re: Dr. J

                    It's near downtown somewhere, google it.. and yes, the intelly is from chicago!

                    1. re: Dr. J

                      three bananas cafe is on the south side of churchill square.

                      1. re: cleopatra999


                        When I need more espresso beans, that's where I'll head. I was in Chicago this past fall for a conference and walked the extra couple of blocks every morning for a Intelligentsia coffee. Well worth it.

                  2. I used to get Windjammers coffee at Buns and Roses. Quite good and they are in Sherwood Park

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                    1. re: odee

                      I can't find them and assume they are no loinger in business or have moved out of Sherwood Park. I went to their location a few years back and tried their coffee. It was quite good, but then I entirely forgot about them! Anyone know where they went?