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Apr 8, 2002 11:40 PM


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I am hosting a luau this Saturday and I promised to get the pig with the apple in the mouth. I know where to get the apple but does anyone know where can I find a pig????

Does anyone have any idea on the cost as well?

Thanks and ALOHA!

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  1. You could always get one at a "Properties" rental place (as if for a t.v. show.) Places with names like "Hollywood Props..." Alternatively, if you'd like to eat it, you might try "The Pig" on La Brea Avenue in Hollywood. Do I get invited if this succeeds? Good luck!

    1. Try Filipino Markets/restaurants (its called Lechon). We order them all the time for family get-togethers. I don't think they are too expensive...they do a pretty good job roasting them. Hawaiian places probably do that thing where they bury the pigs in sand and cook them like that.

      1. A couple places in Chinatown offer whole roasted pig. I think I saw a place in the same complex as Empress Pavillon, on floor level on the side of the building.