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Mar 13, 2008 07:40 PM

After Newport Mansions - good lunch suggestions?

I am taking family to the Newport Mansions and then to the Tennis Hall of fame and after watching and seeing the rich and the athletic folks I was hoping to get some good fare for lunch to round out the day. No set price point for lunch

Definitely looking for a relaxed comfortable setting, seafood (more of the fresh fish variety - unlike me my party is not favorable to lobster, clams and other good stuff) and if there is a good ocean view or possibly oceanfront that would be a dream come true.
I realized that I will be missing the St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday ( I am going to be there on Sunday)...oh well

To be fair I did get some info about Moorings, Castle Inn, Spiced Pear and Chandler. Would like to hear from fellow hounds on their experience and recommendations. Thank you.

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  1. The Tavern at The Black Pearl on Bannister's Wharf is one of many.

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      The Quahog Company across the street from Bannisters wharf is also pretty good, the price is right. The places you mentioned are more popular for dinner than lunching:

      Also The Atlantic Beach Club is right on the beach just minutes from the mansions and actually is pretty good compared to it's old establishment, great flame-broiled flavor on their steaks and burgers and I was impressed with the NE clam chowder:

    2. Well, if you are dissapointed to be missing the parade, the Fastnet will be having live traditional music on Sunday in the late afternoon.

      1. The Mooring does a wonderful lunch, I was there a few months ago. I had a burger, my friend had soup & salad, and we split a small plate of risotto - everything was great. Ask for a seat near the fireplace.

        The Spiced Pear probably charges more than they should for what they serve for lunch but it's good (not great) and the setting is just stunning. Castle Hill is flat-out gorgeous but I've only sat outside....not sure how good the views are from inside. But call and ask if it's possible to be seated w/a view....if so, I'd go w/that option.

        no offense to the other posters, but I'd pass on Black Pearl and Quahog Co. BP is fine for summer when you can sit outside, but inside is dark, low-ceilinged and kinda musty. QC is simply not special. If you're making a day of it, I think you want something at least a bit special.

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          JaneRI said:

          "no offense to the other posters, but I'd pass on Black Pearl and Quahog Co. BP is fine for summer when you can sit outside, but inside is dark, low-ceilinged and kinda musty."

          I prefer to describe the Black Pearl as historic and quaint. : )

        2. The Mooring, Castle Hill & 22 Bowens would offer you a great lunch with a great view. -the view food and service are all excellent at all three.

          1. thank you for your recommendations. after a few phone calls we decided to get to the Mooring mainly because of the dress code for the castle inn and couldnt get reservations to 22 bowens or black pearl.
            the view was phenomenal with sailboats and the food extremely good. I ordered the yellowfin tuna (dinner entree) perfectly cooked and came with a really tasty five nut pesto as they called it. my party had the salmon fish steak sandwich and the lobster croissant - very well received. On the way back home we stopped at the newport creamery for ice cream sundaes - not the right weather but its ice cream!!
            We had a great time looking at the homes of the rich and a delicious lunch. Thank you once again.