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Mar 13, 2008 07:36 PM

Does anyone deliver anything besides italian & chinese on long island?

we live in baldwin and when you don't want to cook or go out, there's only a couple of choices for delivery; italian & chinese.there is a sushi place that started doing it but i'm a bit wary of that.baldwin itself is a bit of a wasteland foodwise but we do have rockville centre within minutes.we don't mind traveling for a good meal but as i said earlier,what else can you get brought it in besides the everyday stuff ?
any suggestions ?

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  1. I know most delis and mom and pop takeout places deliver, but with a minimum (of say $50 or so). Aimed more at workplaces, but with the way the economy is right now, they might be happy to get the business.

    1. Is Ben's still in Baldwin Harbor? I they are, they used to deliver.

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        I have no idea if they deliver, but yes, Ben's is still in Baldwin. That's the original one.

      2. Takeout taxi. Don't know if they are still around, but they would pickup at many different restaurants and deliver to you for a fee.