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Mar 13, 2008 07:32 PM

Fish and Chips

AND....your best downtown fish and chips. Scottish or Brit, no matter...we want the best....preferably in newspaper. Go on TO..impress us.

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  1. If you want the goods, Harbord Fish & Chip's has it all including the newspaper. I'm a few doors down from Chippy's on Queen who uses a Guiness beer batter and double fried fries, so I hit there once a month, any more I might block my arteries.

    1. Here we go again, eh?


      http://www.chowhound.com/topics/326399 ...F&C thread from feb 2008

      1. Dont go to chippy's!!. Their fries are gross, most chowhounders would agree . It is hard to find a place in Toronto that has both good fish and good chips. Most have one that good and one thats gross. Harbord has good fries and the newspaper but not so good fish. Chippy's is decent fish but fries blah burnt gross, they do have a great homemade tartar sauce though. Reliables on queen west is ok, both fish and chips are decent. I consider British style Fish and chips to be the best ive had in town. Excellent fish and decent fries. The only complaint I would have is they use the packaged tartar sauce. Test out British style fish and chips.

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          I shall do that..the newspaper is more of a "that would be nice" thing...not essential. I remeber a fish and chip shop in, of all places, Saskatoon, that served them in newspaper...they happen still to be the best I can recall. Brings back some very fond food memories.

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            I used to ADORE British Style Fish and Chips. With the new owner I have to say, it's nothing like it used to be.

            That said, it's still pretty good, so if you go without expecting the nirvana that it was in the past you'd probably still be pretty pleased.

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              I loved it under the old owner and was very disappointed when I went under the new owner. The fish portion looked decently sized but turned out to be deceptively half breading. It was also overcooked and had a very strong fishy taste. Fries were fine; no complaints there.

              I've been hitting up Parkside Fish and Chips lately as it's conveniently located for me. Very good fish, but not great chips, unfortunately.

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              British Style was very disappointing.

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                I don't think that chippy's tartar sauce is homemade anymore.....the last time i went it didn't looked homemade....looked and tasted rather generic...plus the fact that I saw the fry guy scoping sauce out of a hellmans bucket didn't help matters. Can anyone confirm?

                1. re: deabot

                  Actually I think the fact that they take it out of the hellman's is a better sign. Hellman's doesn't normally make tartar sauce so it means they're probably using that as the mayo base... okay, so they don't make their own mayo (and they're probably not making their own pickles), but the mayo bucket is a good sign. However, the proof is in the taste.

                  1. re: Blueicus

                    Hellman's does make a tartar sauce that is quite popular.

                    Anyway, isn't the important issue whether you enjoyed the sauce or not? Seems pretty snobby or shallow to base your enjoyment on anything other than its flavour, smell, texture, etc.

              2. for anyone in Burlington, it has to be Black Bull on guelph ln..close second is the Thistle..

                1. Forget downtown. Go to High Street in North York. Owned and operated by the McNie family.

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                    With age, I don't find myself yearning for artery-clogging fish and chips as much as I used to. But when ever I do get the urge, I repair to Penrose Fish and Chips, on Mount Pleasant Ave. south of Eglinton. It's not too hard for a joint to do good fish and chips. Cut the potatoes fresh every morning so that your chips won't taste like cardboard. Change the frying oil regularly so that your deep-fried fish won't be too greasy. And don't mess around with other dishes, like hamburgers or hot dogs, which distract you from your main order of business: fish (preferably halibut) and chips. Penrose has been doing just that for about 40 years. The second generation of the same family is still running it, and they rarely have a bad day at the fryer. There are probably other spots around town that do it just as well, but - given the traffic hell that Toronto has become - I'm not given to chasing around to taste-test them. After all, Penrose is just about 15 minutes from where I live, and there's free parking on nearby side streets off Mount Pleasant. And the place always has malt vinegar at hand, unlike some other joints that supply only white vinegar to sprinkle on its fish and chips (a sacrilige). You get newspaper only if you do take-out. But why do take-out when fish and chips taste best served on a plate immediately out of the fryer?

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                      There are many threads here on best F&C but of late "High Street" gets the nod by far at least IMHO. However, it is not downtown. It's in North Toronto, Underhill Rd. (in the plaza) just north of Lawrence Ave East at Don Valley Prkwy exit. Definitely worth the trip!