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Pig's Blood Cake

I've been on a never ending quest to find pig's blood cake ever since my visit to Taiwan (omg the night markets! *drool*) and I'm going to be visiting the west coast next week, specifically the San Gabriel area. My research concludes that there are tons of Taiwanese eateries in that area. Does anyone know if any of them have pig's blood cake? They're the chewy kind made with rice, often covered with peanut powder. The only place I've found so far that has it is Tofu King in Rowland Heights.

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  1. Capital Seafood on Garvey has pig's blood cubes on their dimsum menu, not sure about peanuts etc. ingredients.

    1. Sinbala in Arcadia has them on thier menu. My friends loves them.

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        They'll even serve them with chocolate (just like their sausages) if you ask them.

      2. I heard The Indian in San Gabriel and Won Won Kitchen in San Gabriel have a lot of taiwanese snacks. i've never been though.

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          Won Won is awesome ... no pig's blood however.

          The Indian, if I recall correctly, has it. Food is not as good as your typical Taiwanese joint ... people go there more for the, ahem, interior decorations than the food per se.

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            I forgot to mention that the Indian has an interesting native american theme going on there along with lousy draft beers haha.

            ips, have you tried Guilin Rice noodles (Gui Lin Mi Fun)? i think they have 2 locations in SGV.

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              Which one are you referring to?

              Dandan Guilin Rice Noodles or Eight Cafe Guilin Mifen?

              I've tried the former, and it's ok, nothing to go "yowza!" over. Reminds me sort of like the Ajisen Ramen equivalent of Guilin rice noodle joints.

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                On no Ajisen.

                I think i've only seen teh Dan Dan place... in the Great Mall of China right?
                after i ate them in china, i've been thinking about them ever since.


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                  Ok, yeah, I've been to the one in the Great Mall of China (aka Focus Plaza). I think there's actually two others -- one in the San Gabriel Valley Superstore and another on Garvey in Monterey Park.

                  Shucks, if I knew you were going, I would've kept my VIP card ... I was only something like 10 more bowls away from getting a free one. LOL.

                  Ask for extra peanuts.

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                    LOL that's awesome that they do the punchy card thing. why can't every restaurant in SGV use that system... it would rock! in SGV everyone is treated with the VIP royalty haha.

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                      If Won Won had a VIP loyalty card I might never leave that place.

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                          Garlic/Black pepper chicken rice
                          Pork chop rice
                          Mince meat noodles
                          Stinky tofu
                          Oyster omelette
                          Pig's ear

        2. 豬 血 糕 ?

          try any of the 3 in the TW trifecta? Nice Time Deli / Old Country Cafe / Pa Pa Walk? I had it at one of these places. Otherwise, Class 302, Uncle Chen's?

          Has to be a Taiwanese place.. .

          1. i'm sure that you will find it. I used to find pigsbloodsoup at taiwanese places like the late "seafood strip." maybe one of the taiwanese snack cafes will have it As well, you can go to one of the mentioned places and, if they don't have it, ask the clientele or the workers if they know.

            1. Any places in L.A. proper (Westside would be a bonus) that serve something like this? Bourdain had some blood cake - albeit not stated as Asian - in a Great Britain episode of No Reservations and was raving about it.

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                Was that Black Pudding? Brit version of boudin noir? Tell ya what, it's amazing how bloody good (ha ha ha) some things can be when you're least expecting it. The only blood sausage I've tried so far that did not delight me was the Polish kind with kasha, which I found stodgy to the max. All the rest have been well worth the effort, and I anticipate eagerly the Taiwanese variety.

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                  It wasn't blood pudding per se, but was more moist. It was some chef's specialty. Bourdain said most of the time he didn't like blood pudding because it was so dry, but this somehow was amazing and rivaled Bourdain's favorite dish.

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                    "Bourdain said most of the time he didn't like blood pudding because it was so dry"

                    Requires lots of fat, as does any sausage. That was my problem with the Polish stuff. And I usually eat it with braised sauerkraut and mashed potatoes...

              2. A question on the Pig Blood Cake served at Old Country Cafe...are these covered with the peanut powder?