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Oro Restaurant in San Antonio?

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Does anyone have any feedback on Oro Restaurant in the Emily Morgan Hotel?

705 East Houston Street
(210) 225-5100


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  1. Well, it has improved a lot over the past couple of years. I put all my business associates up at the Emily Morgan, and have been there for lunch a couple of times. Basic menu, decent food. Seems like there is hardly anyone ever there. Probably if you are on expense account you are at one of the big steakshouse within walking distance and if you are family on vacation you are most likely down on the riverwalk.

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      I'm on expense an account staying at the Marriott Rivercenter, but I don't care about the big steak houses/chains. I searched the board and Boudro's, Acenar, Rosario's, Citrus (and Biga if not too $$) are other options I'm considering. Any feedback on these or other suggestions?


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        All of those are wonderful choices. Biga and Boudros would be my top two on those list.

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          When I stayed at the Emily Morgan at this time last year, I had an incredibly mediocre meal at Oro. My impression was that everything tasted like underwhelming, overpriced, upscale-hotel food.

          I like Boudro's, especially their salads, fish dishes, and CFS. I don't love √Ācenar (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/487724 ), but dinner at El Mirador is quite good (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/338818 ). I prefer their "especialidades de la casa" to their Tex-Mex options.

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            We went to brunch and had a nice time - lots of champagne! - but the food had been sitting around for a while and the set up - buffet tables in the lobby! - was weird! It would be pretty in the evening, I think, when the candles are lit.

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              The concierge at my hotel says that Oro is on about 75% of the time, and I think she was being nice. She recommended this one, but I have yet to search the board...

              Silo Elevated Cuisine (Alamo Heights)

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                Silo is good. There are actually two of them. They are not downtown though. The original is on Austin Hwy, not far from Alamo Heights. . The newest location is out on 1604 near Blanco. Food is good. Got a nice wine list.

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                  We're ready to get out of downtown; too many convention-goers and spring- breakers :-)

                  The one the concierge mentioned was the original location on Austin Hwy. If things go as planned, we'll check that one out tonight.

      2. I love the Emily Morgan Hotel so I took my " Lunch Bunch" group to Oro's a couple of years ago. The waiter added a $7 bottle of water to each check, never having asked if anyone wanted it. Ick. The food was waaaay below average and the place was empty, except for us. I know why. I managed to get the charge off our bills, but cannot forget the arrogant reply "All our guests prefer bottled water." Hop on the trolley or saunter a few blocks South on Alamo and find Le Frite, Azuca, or Rosario's, any of which will be a much better choice! Check with your concierge to see if that same trolley will get you to the Guenther House for a super Texas breakfast. "Stop yo' belly and backbone from bumping"!

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