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Mar 13, 2008 06:53 PM

Sunday Brunch at the Hotel Bel Air?

Has anyone been recently and, how does it compare to the Four Seasons Hotel brunch?
My guests are coming a very long way to have brunch with me in Bel Air and, I just want to make sure that it's worth their while before I make any final decisions.
We've done brunch at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara before and, they loved it. They loved the setting and the grand-ness of the dining room, as well as the food. How does the Hotel Bel Air stack up?

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  1. I've never been to the Four Seasons brunch, but the Hotel Bel Air is particularly lovely. I don't think you can be disappointed.

    1. The Hotel Bel Air brunch is best enjoyed on the lovely patio rather than inside and that is what gives it an edge over the competition. Foodwise is probably a toss-up.

      1. The setting at the Hotel Bel-Air is incomparable. If you can snag one of the booths in the garden, right at the edge of the patio, you will not be disappointed...and will probably not even notice the food, because the setting is that gorgeous. That being said, the food will be quite good.

        1. Thank you all for your reassurances.
          We went there today for brunch and it was a huge hit with my group!
          I must say though, I was already full after the appetizers and drinks.
          I had the lobster pot pie as a starter. It was just ok... way too salty and the crust on the pie was kind of mushy and soggy on arrival. The main entree (which 3/4 of us ordered!) was the herb crusted sea bass. While it was delicious, I had wished that it was a little more "crustiness" and browned more. My dessert of strawberry sauce and waffle was good. No complaints there.
          Service was good, and the hotel grounds are just absolutely amazing.
          Despite the food being just ok, I'd go back and try some of the other things my guests tried and liked. Such as the Kobe beef burger. That burger looked so good!

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            I think setting wise Bel Air wins, but food wise Four Seasons wins, esp the ricotta pancakes there...