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Mar 13, 2008 06:49 PM

Flippin' eggs on my new stainless (video)

Got some new pans today, a 10" and 12" calphalon Tri-Ply. Since I've never cooked with stainless before, I figured I'd cook some bacon and eggs (bacon in the cast iron to keep seasoning it). What better of an idea since my house keeper JUST cleaned today and since my girlfriend was out....(shhhh....)

Took a couple of tries to get it OK. And I did flip one on the floor.

I cooked on a little below medium heat, with probably more butter than I "should" but....I like butter!

Also, this is my first attempt at making a "video" other than just uploading what I had on my camera. Sorry for the poor position, it was really spurt of the moment!!!

Note, that this was my first time ever flipping an egg, and first time with stainless as well. Critiques welcome! (don't mind the PJ's)

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  1. Nice. I'd probably flip it right to the floor the first time or 2 as well! My roommate thinks he's the s*** and flips veggies in stir fry and whatnot, always lands some on the top of the stove.

    1. Nice flips! I've been trying forever, but have neither arm strength nor dexterity. And the yolks almost always break. I'm jealous! Can't believe you think you're a novice cook.

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        Keep practicing. Flipping eggs is easy. All in the wrist