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Mar 13, 2008 05:58 PM

10:30pm dinner tonight @ a good casual place in Soho/Greenwich?

My friend is flying in tonight & it looks like we'll be going to dinner around 10:30pm (earliest). I want to keep it casual, reasonably priced but (please) good food... near Houston/ 6th Ave.

Other than Grey Dog (go every day), DitchPlains (went last night) or Ivo & Lulu (kitchen closes at 10:30), any suggestions would be really appreciated, thank you!!

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  1. Blue Ribbon is consistently highly rated, a favorite of NYC chefs and is right in that neighborhood. They serve until 4AM so you and your friend should be able to arrive late and not feel rushed at all. 97 Sullivan Street (bet. Spring and Prince streets)

    1. I love barmarche in soho. the cool atmosphere and good food make it a great choice. the restaurant is not very large but at 10:30 you should have no problem getting a table. the menu varies seasonally but if they have the bass taquitos on the menu, i highly recommend them. the drinks are great too.