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Mar 13, 2008 05:53 PM

Organic Instant Coffee in NYC

Any good brand of organic instant coffee that can be recommended? I typically have all milk and a tbspn of Nescafe powder and sugar in it, and then microwaved for 2 minutes. Asian style I guess. And any shops in NYC to buy them?

Here is another question......can coffee beans just be ground up and then used as coffee powder for instant? I realize how silly this may sound!

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  1. hi, while I am not in NYC and I am certainly not an expert on coffee I would recomend
    Mount Hagen organic instant freeze dried coffee, If you can not find it in your area it is available on for around 8.00 and on for a much higher price. This is for a 3.53 oz container. There should be some health type store that could carry it for you or order it in for you as a special request. Hope this might help.

    1. If you grind coffee beans very fine and stir them into boiling water, generally with cardamom, you get Turkish coffee - delicious, but not instant (there will be a pile of coffee sludge at the bottom of each cup). Coffee beans are only partially soluble in water. Instant coffee is basically dehydrated brewed coffee. Good luck!

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