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Mar 13, 2008 05:47 PM

Nashville, Demos?

Someone suggested this place as the best of the best. I used to love Wild Boar. Will be staying out near the airport tomorrow but am willing to travel. I looked at Demos menu and said "you've got to be kidding!" Help please. Hurry!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Demos has been around for an eternity, so maybe at one point it was the place, but there are many more great options in Nashville. A few of my personal favorites are: Radius 10 which is located in the downtown/Gulch area -- the shrimp and grits are some of THE best, and all the fish entrees are really good. There is also a really good bar menu with very substantial appetizers which are 25% off during happy hour which is from 5-7.

    In the Germantown area (close to downtown), Germantown Cafe is a great neighborhood type restaurant with great food and a wonderful view of downtown ( I'm also a big fan of Park Cafe which is located a little west of downtown near Vanderbilt. It's in an old house in a neighborhood and after about 10 years is consistently great every time I visit it It also has a sister restaurant in East Nashville called Eastland Cafe, also great but just in a more eclectic part of town (

    If you like organic foods with a great wine list, Flyte is another good one, also in the downtown/Gulch area They have a great pecan pie salad and offer "flytes" of not only wine, but also salads, soups, entrees and desserts.

    This is just a quick rundown of some of my favorites; all have good atmospheres and great food. I'm sure you'll also get recs for Ombi, Watermark, Zola which are great as well.

    ALL are much better than Demos'......Nashville now has much more to offer than that so I hope you'll explore a little!

    Let us know where you end up and enjoy your visit.

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      I thank you both for the warning and suggestions. We decided to go to a Viet/Japanese place near Dell. We were one of 3 caucasians in the place. There were 2 Japanese men and the rest were Vietnamese. I name was Vin Long and the food really was quite tasty. They did take a short cut with the fried spring rolls and used Chinese wheat wrappers instead of rice wrappers, but we had nothing to complain about.

    2. Think of Demos' as the locally-owned equivalent of Outback... OMBI, Radius10, Watermark, tayst, Margot, Zola, Capitol Grille instead...

        1. There are many great restaurants in Nashville and Demos is definitely not one of them. Even my teenagers don't like it.

          1. Too late to help the OP, but happened to eat at Demo's on Thursday, right before the Predators hockey game. We've been in Nashville a lot in this past year, but it was our first time to eat at Demo's. I'd been avoiding it like the plague, based on the recs of most other CHers. They weren't wrong, but the redeeming quality of Demo's is its speed, predictability, and price. Food was fine, and even with the pre-game rush we were served with speed and professionalism. As I said, the food was ok--all 4 of my family ordered pasta and a salad. Just what we needed at that time, downtown. I won't be hurrying back, but at least the meal was reasonably healthy, with the inclusion of the salad.