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Seattle to Stevens Pass Good Eats

  • fooey Mar 13, 2008 05:36 PM
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What are some of the better breakfast and dinner spots on the way to (breakfast) / way from (dinner) Stevens Pass Ski Resort?

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  1. Total hole in the wall, but make sure you stop at the Sultan Bakery in Sultan for breakfast - Great portions, great food, fresh bread and pasteries baked right there - and the best part?? They are way cheap.....Be prepared to wait though, it is a relatively small place in a small town with a lot of traffic coming through. Trust me, it is worth that wait :)

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    1. re: Chrome_CW

      I've seen that place. It's total hole in the wall and yet always packed. I will stop in Sunday. Thank you!

      1. re: fooey

        I stopped in yesterday: wasn't impressed. Hole in the wall, for sure, but not in the way I usually think of them (ugly place, but so worth the visit). The pastries are Safeway-ish dough and sugar globs and the clientele, how shall I say it, is redneck (and very much in the "you ain't from around these parts, are ya, boy?" The eclair was stale and they refused to make me and espresso, with a finger pointing to pots of Mills Brothers coffee. "Want coffee, son, there's coffee." Oooooook.

        1. re: fooey

          Well, no, you're not going to get an espresso at the Sultan Bakery. And yes, there are a lot of loggers and small farmers up there, and the waitstaff is often run off their feet. But I've only been treated well there, and in any case it's the kind of place you have to appreciate for what they do best, which is the buttermilk doughnuts, the prime rib dip and the egg salad sandwiches as big as your head.

          If you want espresso, there are several stands in the vicinity.

          1. re: Freida

            Including 'last/first chance espresso' in Skykomish. By now, though, you should be able to get an espresso while waiting in the lift lines, or at places closer the Leavenworth.


            1. re: Freida

              GIANT EGG SALAD SAMMICHES?! MUST HAVE ONE. OK, I suppose I will try it again. I guess it didn't help that I was dressed like a city slicker (my ski clothes was in the car, I swear).

              1. re: fooey

                I should warn you, they don't always have the egg salad - they're a regular special, like the BLT or the meatloaf sandwich. Sometimes I've gotten there just as they've run out of egg salad, which sucks. But I like most of their sandwiches, and they're served on really squishy bread, which is the only reason I can take a bite at all, they're so big!

                1. re: Freida

                  I shall brace myself for the experience. If they have no GIANT EGG SALAD SAMMICHES, there's always the 3"-deep-pecan-pie-in-a-quiche-mold. I think giant is the norm, and not a complaint considering the size of the servings. In my short experience, other than the NO ESPRESSO FOR YOU episode, I saw the waitress put a gigantic plate of french fries in front of a customer just before another waitress yelled across the room at the top of her voice DON'T EAT THOSE FRIES! THOSE ARE NOT YOUR FRIES (yeah, she yelled that at the customer) and then calmly instructed the waitress that the fries were for THAT table no. 20, not THIS table no. 20. The more I think on it, the more I laugh. I'll go in expecting a sitcom next time and imagine I'll get it...and maybe a giant egg salad sammich too!

                  1. re: fooey

                    Hee! I love "Those are not your fries."

                    To continue the surreal experience, have you tried Old School BBQ by the Reptile Zoo? You get to sit on an actual school bus to eat, which for me was a weird memory trip. I'm on a school bus but I don't have to go to school? And I get to eat barbecue? Neat.

      2. Maltby Cafe for breakfast.

        Zeke's drive-in near Gold Bar for dinner.

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        1. re: Roo

          Where's Maltby Cafe? If you say Maltby, I'm going to feel silly and just make it worse and say, "Where's that?" :)

          1. re: fooey

            Maltby is a small community located between Woodinville and Monroe on SR 522. The cafe is just a short drive off the freeway. Check out the following website for their menu and driving directions:


            1. re: Roo

              The Maltby Cafe is also packed on Sundays. Maybe you'll be okay if you go quite early, but otherwise, you're eating up a lot of your skiing time (and remember, Stevens lots do fill up)..

              1. re: christy319

                Imma sneak in and get a cinnamon roll to go. :)

                1. re: fooey

                  The place fills up rather quickly on both Saturday and Sundays. If you get there when they open (7:00 a.m.) or shortly thereafter, based on my experience you should be seated right away; that is, if you want something more rib-sticking than that monster cinnamon roll (which, by the way, comes pre-packaged for takeout).

                  1. re: Roo


                    I avoid the Northgate Mall because there's a Cinnabons there, that evil, evil company. ;D

                    1. re: fooey

                      The famed monster cinnamon roll has been had. It is not so much a monster. IT'S A GODZILLA CINNAMON ROLL. The thing must weigh 5 lbs. Was it worth the 10 minute wait (on a Friday morning)? No. Was it worth the $6+tax price tag? Nope. Was it edible? Yes. Was it good? Not at all. What it lacks it taste it makes up for in quantity, but quantity does not quality make. It's just not good period. I almost had a George Costanza moment on my way home from Steven's Pass. I was hungry, so decided to try it again. I did, and it was worse for being in the cold all day. I rolled down the driver's side window, grabbed it from it's to-go container (a plastic container almost big enough to live in), and tossed it out the window. End of story, except for the guy (I think I) nearly hit with it. I didn't see him (but he yelled at me after I realized it was too late to stop my pastry projectile), but can you imagine: Death by godzilla-sized cinnamon roll. My intentions were good: let the ravens have it! It reminded me of a Seinfeld episode, the one when George tossed a cellphone out the window and hit someone with it, the episode spiraling downhill from there. Long story short, avoid the cinnamon roll. Else, avoid using it as a projectile.

                      1. re: fooey

                        Thanks for the feedback on Godzilla Roll:)

                        I am not one for sweets for b'fast - much prefer the savory offerings of eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, etc. Don't judge the place solely on your experience with the cinnamon projectile (which I have personally never tasted) - if you take some extra time to sit and eat in I think you will have a much better opinion of the place.

                        1. re: Roo

                          Oh, absolutely, the food they were serving at the bar looked really good. I haven't seen fries that homemade since my Mom made them for me. If the number of people there on Friday is any indication, it's probably a great breakfast. There were wall postings from magazines and newspapers about best breakfast, etc., so certainly will try it when I have more time. Thanks for the recommendation.

          2. re: Roo

            Pizza at Zeke's. Thumbs up.

          3. How is Bush House in Index? We ate lunch there some years ago after hiking to nearby Bridalveil Falls. I don't recall the details of the meal, but got the impression that they were trying to be moderately upscale for dinner.


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            1. re: paulj

              I haven't eaten there in a decade, so probably not valuable feedback, but I enjoyed it. I remember delicious crab cakes and attentive service. It wasn't upscale then, but still not the sort of place I'd go dressed in ski clothes.

              1. re: fooey

                I'm pretty sure the Bush House is defunct. It was really nice at one time, then closed for a remodel and never really opened again.

                Our favorite places to stop on that route (we drive it a LOT) are Old School BBQ for brisket or pork sandwiches, the Sultan Bakery for doughnuts, soup and sandwiches and the Index Chalet for espresso.

                1. re: Freida

                  Some taco options in a surprisingly apt Weekly post:


            2. Th post office/general store in Baring has great ice cream. perfect post hike or ski treat.