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Mar 13, 2008 05:19 PM

Monster's B's Stamford CT

Anyone been? They have quite a beer selection and they seem to have some live music.
tell me what you had, thanks.

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  1. Monster B's is GREAT!! I loved it and the people was with tried a few of the beers on the list, we had nachos...which were good and Cappuccino. I am going back this weekend. Oh and they had a new band there which was Phenomenal!!!!! They sang everything from sublime to men at work to alicia keys...this is my new spot!!!
    Everyone was having a great time.

    1. Whaaaaaaaat? How is there a new resto in Stamford without me noticing?
      From the looks of the site, they DO have good music. Jen Durkin (Wednesdays) is well known and her friends are talented. I'll be there ASAP, as good live music is, in my opinion, one of the big things missing from Stamford. Thurs is open Mike, and they have music Friday and Saturday. AND, I bet they have free parking. I can't picture where the place is, but I'm sure I can find it!

      nbermas, thanks for the tip!

      1. I went when this place first opened about a year back when it was called Big B's Reef and Beef. It was one of the worst dining experiences ever!! Not sure if they have changed owners, chefs, etc. since then, but I don't think I'll ever go back. When we asked about the kind of oysters on the menu our server came back with a whole oyster on a plate and said, "we have this kind." Yes, seriously. The food was overpriced and I recall both me and my boyfriend not liking our dishes. I also remember a server dropping a glass full of ice, and just kicking the ice on the floor over to the kitchen instead of cleaning it up. It made for an unpleasant dining experience. Although, on our way out, the bar in the front seemed to have many patrons. Looks like it is an after work construction crowd, as many of the vehicles outside are contractor's vans and trucks. Sounds like it has change from what you guys are saying...but I'll be hard pressed to give that place another shot.

        1. How is the food here? They look like they have a little more than a normal bar menu here so I was just wondering how the food is!?!?!

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            Food is still so so, they are trying to bring in the bar scene, but have run into a few problems with their new 'additions'.

          2. hubs and i went there this past satuday.
            we were kind of sitting too clsoe to the bar so were were in the middle of the action, which i did not care for (its a big bar scene). also the sound level was deafening.
            however, great pub grub- i ate the biggest turkey burger in my life - it was delicious. fries were crispy, like oven fried...very good. also the selection of beers is amazing.
            they have a huge fireplace which if it worked, could be very nice.

            id definitely go back, but probably on a sunday , for a less lively scene.