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Apr 8, 2002 03:25 PM

Chowathon 2002!

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Below is a link to the Chicago board's 24 hour gluttony fest.

Anyone game to try this in L.A.?


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  1. beavis, this is the coolest thing I have ever seen....

    1. Chino Wayne has suggested a Roving Chow Fest - currently in the planning stages. Woo!, russkar, and I have foolhardily signed on to help. Anyone else interested in being on "the committee"?

      Stay tuned!!

      1. Mr. BB, it doesn't mention if it was a planned schedule or a random act or how many people were involved. Was it a car rally or did the herds simply meet where they could? It sounds like an Olympic event if it's planned!

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        1. re: kc girl

          I think if you read through all of the threads, you get a sense that it was fairly organized on one hand, but also rather free form for some of the particpants.

          As to the car aspect, they started out using public transport, then somehow shared car pooling.

          Chicago's obviously different from L.A. I'd imagine a rented bus would work best here...

          1. re: kc girl
            Vital Information

            It was something planned and something percolating since October 2001. The link below is to one of many threads on the topic on the chicago board that discusses the planning and motivation. More importantly, the linked post below includes url's for many other on-topic posts (as chowhound allows only one link per post)



          2. I'm willing to get my mitts into this, too.

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            1. re: Kriss Reed

              Thanks for the help, Kriss. You're an official co-cospirator now. CW is planning an organizational meeting, so I'll let him know you're in!

              1. re: LBQT

                By the way, you were missed last night, but I know how it feels to try to cram too much weekend into too little time.

                This looks like a potentially dangerous cabal we're creating for the Chowathon. ;^)

            2. what ever happened to the taco crawl idea. seems related. riding a bus around, eating.
              did the hounds make arrangements with the restaurants?
              sound like they did.
              I'm up for anything. renting a bus, maybe one of those cute open-air things, would be a nice summer activity.

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              1. re: elisha
                Vital Information

                No arrangements were made in advance anywhere. Read the follow-up posts on the Chicago board for some info on how we were percieved and treated during the trek. At the 24 hour Korean BBQ joint, 18 folks showing up at 2 am barely caused a ripple.

                My favorite treatment, however, was at the Filbert's Root Beer "factory" where the manager regaled us with stories while the phone rang away merrily behind him.

                One last note, our pictures were taken numerous times for a potential story in the Chicago Tribune. I've asked them to put little black strips across our faces so we can chow in annonymity in the future.