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Mar 13, 2008 04:58 PM

Hamiltons Cafe South Park SD

I’ve wanted to check out Hamilton’s for awhile. When Josh mentioned Hamilton’s Café had a soft opening I was eager to check it out. I’ll do my best to describe my experience. The photos I took did not come out. I was so hungry, I took a few shots (they came out off centered and blurry) and dug in.. Okay..HERE I GO!!

The café is tiny, tiny, and is located right next to the bar. It’s brightly lit and looks like a mini diner. The menu is exciting for pub grub. Moules Et Frites, Lentil Finger Pies, Marinated Mushrooms top the menu. There’s also the standard Burgers, Sandwiches, Pub Chips. The menu is small, basic, and exciting.

I ordered:
Lentil Finger Pies $3.50 for 4. Overly stuffed wonton wrappers filled with lentils and spices, served with spicy chile sauce. I was suckered in by the unique name and the fact that I’ve never seen them on a pub menu. If you like lentils, wrapped in crispy fried outer goodness, you’ll be happy.

Hot Wings $7.25
Half BBQ and Half Hot Wings
I enjoyed the BBQ, and could taste the Ballast Point Wahoo Wheat in it. The chicken was tough. The sauce is yummy. Each sauce is housemade.

Lil Mountain of Fried Veggies $7.25
Eek.. over 1 lb of fried “blue cheese” stuffed olives ( I cut one in half, and found a pimento instead of the cheese. Unless there was a tiny bit, I didn’t see or taste it) jalapeño slices, mushrooms, okra, dill pickle chips. All were pretty good, it’s an interesting mix of veggies. The best part is that it comes with dipping sauces! Lemon garlic aioli, paprika aioli, yogurt and cucumber, and I liked them all.

Grilled Cheese $5.25
They have a variety, but I ordered the West Coast, sharp cheddar, avocado, and dill pickles all on SADIE ROSE Amish bread. Yay. I like cheese on both sides of my bread, this one came with cheese only on one side. They have other tasty looking creations on the menu, a “monte cristo” type grilled cheese, one with onion jam and chard, and other with roasted apples, bacon and onion.

The café is a nice addition to the bar. It seems like for now you can order from the café and someone will take it over to you’re hanging out at the bar.

The food I ordered hit the spot. I’ll be back to try everything else.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it. My favorite was the burger, especially the Blue Boy. All the burgers are 1/2 lb. Brandt beef, and they cook them medium rare. Blue Boy has a bleu cheese/arugula topping, and they use these really nice, soft egg-bread buns. I also like the Blind Tiger grilled cheese (the one with the bacon, apples, and onions).

    1. My GF and I also tried the cafe the other night. We tried the Blind Tiger grilled cheese and the West Coast. Josh is right, the Blind Tiger was awesome and the combination of bacon, apples, onions and cheese was great. The West Coast was also good, but not as interesting. We also tried the Lentil Finger Pies, which reminded me of samosas and were tasty. Both the sandwiches came with fries, which we really enjoyed. I'm looking forward to trying the Beer Cheese Soup, which I'm told is Welsh Rarebit. We had our food brought over to the bar, so it was really nice to enjoy the food with some great beers.

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      1. re: jasont

        I'm sorry -- are we talking about a place next to Hamilton's Tavern in South Park where the Lei'd Back Cafe used to be!!!???

        I walk my dogs by this every day and never even noticed a change.

        Man, I need to look up more often... I'll be there tonight.

        1. re: Ewilensky

          That's were it was huh? I've wanted to try Lei'd Back Cafe once awhile back when I heard of it, but never had the chance.
          Hamilton's Cafe is just next door to the Tavern. Open 11:00am - 12:00am

          1. re: epicureous eggplant

            I'll be trying this out at 7:30 PM tonight since it is walking distance from my home.

            Can't believe I've missed this, I walked by it this morning even.

            I imagine I can sit at the Cafe and order a beer? Because truth be told I'm really just going for 3 or 4 pints of the Pliny the Elder, although Moules Et Frites will sweeten the pot somewhat.

            Happy eating!

            1. re: Ewilensky

              I think you have to get beer on the bar side, but you can also eat on the bar side as well.

              1. re: Josh

                Josh, you are correct.

                So tonight we will go to Ritual with my wife and a group of friends.

                Sunday I will go have my usual pint at Hamilton's with my dogs (no, they don't actually drink beer) and order something from the Cafe then.

                Stopped in for my lunch break to check it out. VERY small space. Menu looked nice and perfect for a light meal/beer induced munchies. They'll have takeout menus this afternoon. I didn't order anything since I had leftovers at home.

                BTW -- asked the workers what was going in on the corner as I had heard rumors that is was going to be a tapas bar.

                They confirmed this rumor as correct.

                1. re: Ewilensky

                  We liked have Lei'd back next door, but having Hamiltons make food even more convenient is great. I am heading over tonight for a few pints, so if you see a guy in black t-shirt with a lightning bolt on it say hi! haha

      2. Are they open for dinner?

        1. We made it to Hamilton's on Friday (more for the Sculpin!) and got to try out the Cafe before the "official" opening.

          I had the Blind Tiger grilled cheese sandwich and fries. The sandwich itself was tasty, but the onions seems to overpower the sandwich so I couldn't taste the apple slices at all. The bacon was perfect. My g-f had the cheese soup which was a big hit for everyone, very well done!
          The burgers were pretty decent too, the Brandt beef cooked just right and the buns were fresh. The only complaint from the burger crew was that you couldn't just get a cheese burger - everything on the menu had multiple other toppings that a few people didn't want.

          The fries were a big disappointment however, and it was a consensus. They were very soggy and almost seemed to be boiled instead of fried or even baked.

          Hopefully things get tightened up over the next few weeks, I am thrilled to have some good quality pub fare at Hamiltons.