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Mar 13, 2008 04:50 PM

Eastern Market DC Dinner 4 adults + 5 kids

Hi, I've got a cousin coming into town on Monday the 17th. They are spending the day on the Mall. I'm thinking about meeting them for dinner in the Eastern Market area around 5:00 p.m. - convenient to Metro and also for me. It would be 4 adults plus 5 kids (ages 1 - 12; 2 in high chairs). Any ideas? I'd also be open to other interesting suggestions that are no more than 2-3 stops away from Smithsonian. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to hearing from the ever fascinating chowhounders.

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  1. Lots of the better places around there (Sonoma, Monmarte, Locanda) won't be good for the little ones. If you're sold on the Eastern Market area, at that early hour you might consider Las Placitas or Tunnicliffs. If you go on the metro in the other direction, toward Vienna, you can get off at Federal Triangle and go to Elephant and Castle, near 12th and Penn.

    1. As dcandohio mentions, what about more in the Penn Quarter area? You get into more chains, but more child-friendly places. I think my vote given 5 kids might be Clydes or something similar in that neighborhood.

      And probably Tunnicliffs if sticking to Eastern Market, but I think I would prefer Clydes (and you can tell them that the Clydes in G-town is where the song "Afternoon Delight" was penned. Or maybe not exactly, but the band members used to hang out there in the afternoons.)

      1. The only place in Eastern Market I can think of that is family friendly is Marty's, which is basic bar food. Not bad but not great either. They do cater to kids though with coloring books, booster seats etc.

        If the kids will eat Thai food then there is Old Siam on 8th St.

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          has anyone tried Cafe 8 where Ellington's used to be? it gets mixed reader reviews in the Post, but the room looks casual and maybe kid-friendly with a menu of Turkish mezze and pides.

          I have to agree, there's a larger selection going the other way towards downtown.

          Harumph, telling children about "Afternoon Delight" - have you read the lyrics? - really...

          Amusing side note: I was in line at the CVS (duh) and a woman and her 3 kids (oldest couldn't have been more than 10) were discussing where to get dinner and the boys were pushing for Old Siam and she was saying something to the effect of "oh we always go there, how about Marty's" and I thought how refreshing, the kids WANT the non-tame and Mom is trying to reel them back in.

          1. re: Elyssa

            Marty's was the only thing that came up on my radar too. It's not bad, but not not chowhound nirvana either. Few places for a group of nine that includes 5 children are.