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Mar 13, 2008 04:39 PM

Where to buy handmade / fresh pasta?

I had some incredible fresh pasta in Florence last summer, and I'd like to gobble some up here in L.A. Dry pasta is nice and all, but the handmade stuff just has that special "bite" to it.

I know Mozza and several other restaurants serve it; is there a way to buy some and boil it up myself? I made this nice oxtail ragu the other day...

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  1. Try Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica:

    I've gone there for their sandwiches (fabulous), but have never tried their homemade pasta.

    You can also try Surfas in Culver City too (Washington Blvd near National, across the street from The New School of Cooking).

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      I ended up driving the 20 or so miles to Bay Cities... and it was worth it. In addition to getting fresh pappardelle and linguini, which clumped together a bit but came out nice and pillowy and chewy (not gritty like the pasta I got from F&E), I also got some lovely burrata cheese. I ended up trying to recreate Babbo's burrata, braised escarole, bacon, and caramelized onion on toasty bread antipasti.

    2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give both a try when I'm in the area.

      Anyone know of a place closer to the South Bay area or along the 110 up to Pasadena?

      1. Call La Spaghettata in Long Beach (it's a bakery despite the name, and they're French, not Italian) -- they are at the Studio City farmers' market on Sunday mornings so I assume they are elsewhere too.