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Mar 13, 2008 04:20 PM

Half price wine on Sundays?

Anyone know of good spots in Philly or the burbs that offer half porice wine on Sundays? We are planning on brunch on Sunday and want to keep prices low (most BYOs are not open Sunday AM). We used to go to Sonoma in Manayunk (when it was open) for yummy food and cheap wine on Sundays, I miss that!

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    1. re: idia

      Please allow me to amend my above post. Jakes offers you to bring your own wine on Sunday rather than offer at 1/2 price. Sorry.
      (actually a better deal)

    2. Derek's in Manayunk does half-priced bottles on Sundays. My roommate is a huge fan. :)

      1. Sonoma didn't really "close." It was rebranded as Derek's by the owner, Derek Davis. They still have the half price wine special on Sundays and they also have a $30, three course menu all week that is only $15 extra for a wine pairing ($20 for a three course lunch).

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        1. re: Decker

          Thanks - maybe we'll give Derek's a try. Do they serve brunch? How is it?

          1. re: AmblerGirl

            We tried Derek's for brunch today, overall we had a good experience (gotta love the half price wine) but I was a bit dissapointed in the brunch menu. It was extremely expensive - brunch options starting at around 11.95 going up to 16.95 and the selection was not really good - lots of sweet options like pancakes or oatmeal (and yes, these are the things that were priced starting at $11). We wound up having sandwiches from their lunch menu which were quite good - I had a BBQ chicken wrap, my husband had an eggplant sandwich. Both were good but, again, not much of a selection. I wanted some red meat but there was no red meat on their lunch menu except for a burger. Also, very crowded, lots of young people seemed to be there for their $15 brunch special which allowed you to select a brunch item plus all you can drink bloody mary or mimosa (a good deal). Service was very good. We'll likely go back, but I really hope the owners expand the menu a bit. Also, their "specials" seem to be good, like the all you can drink brunch special, but they should reign in the regular menu prices.

        2. Actually, Cassis offers BYO on Sundays- and half price T-TH. I read about it recently, but have not tried it yet.

          1. Butterfish in west chester has brunch (only) on Sundays and it's BYO. I hear it's great but have only been for lunch and dinner. Great food, clean, bright ambiance.