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Mar 13, 2008 03:31 PM

Saturday lunch in Hamilton with kids?

Does anyone have suggestions for a kid-friendly lunch in Hamilton, preferably near Copps Coliseum? I'm taking 2 ten-year-old girls to a show so looking for something they'd enjoy. If I enjoy it too, that's a bonus, but I'm mainly concerned that there are friendly options for kids who aren't adventurous about food. A fun atmosphere would be nice, too. Thoughts?

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  1. Right around Copps for non-adventurous eaters - I'd have to say no.
    A little bit away from that area, you'll find Locke Street. We took our little guy (he could not have been more than six months old) to Amuse Bouche on Locke for lunch with us one day, and as I've said on a previous thread, the chefs/owners could not have been more welcoming and accommodating.
    If anyone else has any ideas for idnas, I'd love to hear them too.

    1. There isn't a heck of a lot around Copps for non-adventurous eaters (although some really good Thai, Vietnamese, Italian and Portuguese are within walking distance). My only recommendation in the direct vicinity would be the Honest Lawyer (standard roadhouse food with a fairly fun atmosphere - bowling alley, video games, etc.). It is essentially a bar and has REALLY tall barstools for most of it's seating but has the fun atmosphere and unadventurous food.

      Aside from that, I would side with Foodiemommy and suggest Locke St...Amuse Bouche is great and the West Town is pretty good as well...

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      1. re: Mike from Hamilton

        Yeah, like Mike says there is really good Thai, Vietnamese, Italian and Portuguese food in the area - you'll have to go back without the kids one day. West Town is pretty good, and might be what you're looking for, but it's noisy and crowded on Saturdays and for some reason, I never like the juice there. If you want a more peaceful, "foodie" lunch, Amuse Bouche is the better choice.
        I've never been to the Honest Lawyer. Can't bring myself to go in to a place that calls itself an "Eatertainment" place. I keep thinking Chuck E. Cheese.

        1. re: foodiemommy

          Thanks Mike and foodiemommy. Amuse Bouche sounds like something I'd enjoy another time, but a bit too high end and foody for these girls. And I'm not sure a bar is the right environment... Something like Chuck E. Cheese could actually be on the money, though I've never been there and am basing the comment just on the fact that it caters to kids. I'm really looking for something fun for the girls more than food I'd enjoy. Starting to think they'd be happier ye olde mcdonald's than anything else in there area. But still hopeful. :)

          1. re: idnas

            Given your post, maybe McD's and then a quick trip to the Hamilton Farmer's Market (the McD's is off King by Jackson Square, and the Farmer's Market can be accessed through the mall), would be more appropriate. Have a great day, and let us know where you end up.

        2. re: Mike from Hamilton

          What about Toby's. They serve pretty good burgers that the kids might enjoy and passable salads for the adults.

        3. How about Locke Street Bagels?
          It's family friendly and on Saturdays there are lots of young families going in and out.
          Bagels and sandwiches are excellent as is the coffee.

          1. Thanks, everyone. Well, we ended up taking a stroll through the Farmer's Market, which the girls seemed quite intrigued by. But not intrigued enough to consider eating anything they saw there. ;)

            When we got through there into the mall, I mentioned that I was looking for somewhere to eat. My niece lit up and said, "Hey, maybe they have a food court! Could we go to the food court?" Well, it was her birthday outing so food court it was. Let's just say that they enjoyed their pizza and "caesar" salad. And I ate some of mine. ;>

            But I'm looking forward to another Hamilton visit on my own so we can try some of your suggestions.

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            1. re: idnas

              Glad you visited the Farmer's Market. I live here and don't get down there often enough.
              There are plenty of good reasons to come back to Hamilton. The Art Gallery of Hamilton is worth checking out, for one thing. When you decide to venture back, let us know and we can help with your food itinerary.