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Mar 13, 2008 03:26 PM

wasabi wok

Anyone tried wasabi wok in hamilton or south bound brook? I believe they deliver too. I have seen their delivery vehicle several times. Googled them and found their website as well.
I was wondering if anyone has reviews to share.

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  1. Wasabi Wok delivers to a whole spectrum right from Bridgewater, Piscataway to Princeton and south. We are going to try it this weekend. I've seen their delivery cars are all over the place.

    1. My wife and I went there yesterday evening. The place is nothing to look at and the booths are not very comfortable.

      However, the food was pretty good.

      I ordered the bento box with tuna and salmon sashimi. The fish was good and the seaweed salad tasty. The miso soup that came with it was OK, but was served in a regular little soup bowl, rather than the nice Japanese sort. There were four fried shu mai, which were tasty, but blisteringly hot. I enjoyed the meal, but it was a bit meager, so I ordered a hamachi and scallion hand roll. Quite nice.

      My wife order the fusion box with cashew chicken. I didn't have any of hers, but she liked it.

      The place is run by Malasian Chinese. The waitress promised me that they will be adding some Malasian dishes in the future. She also said that their chow fun used a very different recipe from what I am used to.

      I plan to visit again.

      The place is next door to the House of Meat. We stopped in there and I got some lamb brains and two kinds of cheese from Egypt. My wife got some goat bones for the dogs.

      1. This response has to do with their location in South Bound Brook, as I have never been to their other locations.

        Several months ago, I ordered some take-out food from them, via their website. The food was decent--certainly not of the highest caliber--but decent for a take-out business and definitely a good value. However, I was shocked when I entered their establishment to pick up the food, as the odors/fumes from the nail salon next door were overpowering. Just within the two or three minutes that I was inside, I began to feel light-headed and that feeling did not pass for a few minutes. In fact, I actually sat in my car for those few minutes because I was afraid that I was too light-headed to drive. I have to say that the food did not seem to have picked up any off-flavors from those fumes, but my experience inside the place made me somewhat wary.

        About 2 months ago, I decided to do another take-out order from Wasabi Wok, as I assumed that the prior situation would have been remediated by that time. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The fumes from the nail salon next door are, literally, overpowering in strength, and I find it hard to believe that the restaurant employees could work in that environment without suffering some kind of physical effects. And then there is the issue of the food itself being "bathed" in these fumes.

        While they appear to offer decent take-out food at good prices, I will not be returning, simply because of the potential for health problems if I do return there.