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Mar 13, 2008 03:23 PM

Eggs Frozen in their Shells?!

Reposting .. computer glitch on my end. Strangest thing this morning, I went to the 'frig to pull some eggs to hardboil. I had placed the egg container towards the back of the 'frig. When I opened the egg container, I noted that two of the eggs were cracked, but nothing had leaked out. A closer inspection, after picking another up and shaking it, they were frozen in their shells! I went ahead and boiled a few. I'm curious, how will the frozen and then boiled eggs turn out? Should I just chuck the entire container and get more?

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  1. did you thaw them first before boiling? frozen is ok, but iffy if cracked....

    1. Are all the eggs frozen? I know you can freeze eggs (cracked into a separate container) and they'll scramble up nicely (don't know how it affects their leavening for baking), but I don't know how they fare hard-boiled.

      I'm curious... have you tried eating one of the hard-boiled ones?

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        Actually, I did use a few of the hard boiled (but not cracked) eggs last night... they were fine! A little difficult to peel, but fine!

      2. It's obviously beside the point for you now, but freezing eggs changes them dramatically in texture. Even ignoring the cracked shell, the egg inside - yolk especially - becomes almost gelatinous once it's been frozen. I don't believe it has much of an effect on the taste or safety of the egg, but definitely the texture goes weird and makes it difficult to use for most things you'd ordinarily use an egg for. We keep chickens and in very cold weather, an egg laid late in the day may not be collected until morning, by which time it has frozen. Usually the shells are cracked, so I know which ones these are and I feed them to the dog. But sometimes they don't freeze enough to crack the shell, and it's only when I go to use the egg that I discover an unsettlingly gluey egg which, usually, I discard (or feed to the dog - lucky him!).

        I don't think there's any danger in eating it, but it's creepy.