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Apr 8, 2002 01:09 PM

Clementine for Saturday breakfast

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Finally going to try Clementine for breakfast next Sat. after reading about it for years since moving to LA.
Drove by it on Sat. and looked like there was no place to park anywhere. Any suggestions??
Also, what makes this place so good and what's good to order and to avoid?? Always hoping for great pancakes somewhere in LA but haven't found it yet (please don't talk to meabout DuPars- hated them, the consistency of cement with no flavor).
Thanks in advance for advice-taking 2 friends there from out of town and want to make sure it's a worthwhile detour.

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  1. park at century city shopping center across the street. three hours free, no validation needed.

    have not eaten at clementine so can't give you any rec's.

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      i just remembered that if you park there before 10am/before the mall opens, it's a bit of a pain and they will try to charge you. you can get around that by getting a validation from gelson's - they may or may not need a small purchase.

    2. I was just there Friday and had the most delicious strawberry scone ever! It was moist and flaky and just the perfect amount of butter. Their oj hit the spot too. I'm definitely interested in trying their sandwiches and salads, and especially their famous hot chocolates. Please post your experience. Enjoy!

      1. They have HOMEMADE marshmallows!! They come with hot chocolate, or you can ask nicely and have them on their own..

        The granola is homemade, too, and is probably my favorite with the organic yogurt. My husband loves the homemade biscuits.