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Apr 8, 2002 12:49 PM


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LA INDIANA TAMALE CO on Indiana near Olympic in E. LA has to be near the top, if not on top for fantastic Tamales. Pork, Beef and Green Cheese also Chicken, most are 12.50 a doz. Now for the best part. If you can utilize TEN doz min(they freeze nicely)the wholesale price drops to $7.66 a doz, unbelievable.

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  1. Green Cheese, what is that? I hope it wasn't fuzzy green cheese.

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    1. re: Just Larry

      Green Cheese is Green Chili with Cheese.

      1. re: russkar

        I see, it is just their translation of Rajas, I guess.
        I love Rajas, they sell them at Guelagetza and they are wonderful.

    2. back in the day when grandma wasnt in the mood to hook up a batch of fresh corn and grilled chile verde and cheese tamales, she would roll by this spot and buy some. During the xmas season these things sell out way ahead of time. the lines are outrageous at that time.

      for those cooks, they also sell the best masa for tamales at this joint. you can buy it buy the pound and then follow the standard recipe.

      1. Better than Sandra's & Lolilta's!? I have to try this...after I come back from my hiatus.

        1. Will have to try them. I've had Sandy and Lolita's and they are good and for a huge tamale which is wetter and also good Juanito's on Floral fits the bill.