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Mar 13, 2008 02:29 PM

Phara's on North Loop / old Ararat location

I walked past last night and noticed there is a sign indicating the restaurant will open Mar. 14th. Does anyone know what will be in the building next door? It currently has the sign "Christopher's" above the door, but it is decorated similar to Phara's.


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    1. Ouch! my good friends went to the grand opening of Phara's. Before I say anything, love to know anyone else's thoughts who has been. Christophers is the name on the menu (Phara's and Christophers) so maybe the new place next door will be like what Enoteca is to Vespaio.

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        We had high hopes for the place and really miss having Ararat in the neighborhood. Perhaps they will straighten out some of the problems we experienced on Friday night, but they have a long way to go. What were your friend's thoughts?
        They are apparently still working on the final menu so we only had the choice of about six entrees and a couple appetizers. Our waitress was very uninformed about the dishes and could not pronounce most of the items (easy things like pilaf were a problem). Overall, she was quite rough around the edges.
        As for the food, my wife and I split the rice pilaf which consisted of fairly bland rice with various rehydrated fruits and nuts placed on top of it. It was pretty disappointing to pay $14.95 for this. Our friends had the lamb shank and beef kabob and were much happier with their dishes although the prices for their entrees also seemed high.
        They still have Ararat's BYOB policy, but they charged us $3 a glass for a corking fee. I can't remember if Ararat had a corking fee, but this seemed excessive.
        It was surprising that they seemed so unprepared for the opening given the length of time they had. I hope they work the problems out with service and the food really needs to improve. The restaurant space is nice and it seems like a good place for a restaurant. Unfortunately, they won't be around long if they don't fix things.

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          Okay, I am going to put my two cents in...It looks like the negative posts from last week have been removed. Based upon those I had no intention of trying Phara's. The BF and I went to the parlor on Friday to grab a pizza and while we were waiting we decided to take a look at Para's. It actually looks like a really neat place to have a lazy dinner with friends. The outdoor area looks really inviting and is very festive. The menu looks good as well. A lot of good appetizers/salads (reasonably priced) and entrees right in line with most restaurant prices. I was disappointed in myself for not wanting to at least give it a try as last friday was the last night I was going to be able to eat with my favorite dining partner for a while. I actually hope they get on their feet and do well....

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