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Mar 13, 2008 02:11 PM

Best Place to Buy Herb Seeds/Plants in Brooklyn

I'd like to get my new backyard started with some herb plants, but I've got no idea where in the park slope/prospect are I could find them. I'm thinking the greenmarket may be a good option, but does anyone else have any suggestions?

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  1. There are several vendors who come to the greenmarket - one that specializes in herbs particularly but its a little early for them to arrive.. Thats probably most convenient to Prospect Hts. The Botanic Garden plant sale, in May, offers lots of herb plants as well. If you have a car, many local nurseries such as the big one on Ft Ham across from Greenwood Cemetery, or Gowanus (if it returns this year) carry plenty of herbs.Eagle provisions on 5th/18th St. also has lots of nice herb plants when the weather warms up.

    There are also good online sources for some of the more interesting types, but look around come May - you will see plenty in the nabe.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      I walked passed Gowanus the other day and they looked ready to go with a sign saying that they would be opening for the spring in late March - dont quote me on that date.

      1. re: Ljubitca

        thats great news - their lease situation is always troubling but they have such wonderful plants - including very nice herbs.

        I wouldnt be out there planting herbs until the weather is thoroughly warm, however,and I doubt it they will have them this early.

        Its a good season to start some basil seeds, however.

      2. re: jen kalb

        i think the greenmarket is the best option for me (no car and on carlton Ave in prospect heights).

        thanks jen.

      3. I live close to to the Grand Army Plaza Green Market and I buy most of my plants there. The Green Market in Brooklyn Heights, in front of City Hall also has great plants.

        1. If you want to start now, Shannon's is the nursery on Fort Hamilton across from Greenwood. We were there yesterday and they have herbs in pots as well as a large (in my opinion) collection of seeds. This is a good time to go as they aren't crowded yet.