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Mar 13, 2008 02:03 PM

Visiting Cape May in June

Any restaurant recommendations?

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  1. The Ebbitt Room - The Virginia Hotel on Jackson St.

    Breakfast next door in the Madd Batter

      The Peter Shields Inn.
      Just enjoyed another fabulous dinner. Fish preparation to die for!

      1. blue pig in congress hall

        1. Not a recommendation, but a warning. When I dined at 410 Bank Street, they charged me $2.50 per person for store a bottle of non-alcoholic wine in an old sour cream bucket...........on the floor.

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            Mad Batter for breakfast, Ugly Mug for sammies and ligher fare/lunch, Tisha's for dinner

            1. re: shesallthat

              Agree with Mad Batter for breakfast - It's been years but probably the best I've erver had, period...

            2. re: fourunder

              Fourunder: Harrumph! And here I was about to post that 410 Bank served us overpriced crap in cramped quarters. We walked out scratching our heads wondering why in heaven anyone made a fuss about the place. Maybe it was an off night but given their prices, I wasn't going to risk a second disappointment.

              Speaking of prices, for my money, (assuming they'll be around in June) some great home-cooked style eats are to be had at Louisa's cafe.
              As best I recall (it's been a year) unless they know you, you can't make a reservation except from 4 PM on, and only on the very day you're dining there. Even then, it's best to show up in person at 4 since their phone line is as busy as if they were selling Springsteen tickets, and it's tough to get through. Tight seating, but good food at a reasonable price. Worth a visit, we think.

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                This happened a few years back. We travel with three families and I make frequent golf trips to the area. Inevitably someone new joins the group and they want to go to 410 Bank because they heard it was good. The regulars know my disdain for the place, so it's a non-issue. Any one wishing to go there goes, I do not. The last couple of years the excursions by the others came back saying it was fair at best. Just last year, both the other families said never again. They had an 8:00PM reservation and did not get seated until after 9:30. Let's just say nothing went right, and they were rushed out after dinner without being offered dessert or coffee. The check was dropped on the table and it was announced the kitchen was closed.

                1. re: fourunder

                  Yes indeed. Another over-rated, overblown, under-critiqued disaster. When it comes to food, question everything and trust in nothing but your own palate, I say. There are more 'naked emperors' in New Jersey than in the sum total of every printed edition of the Hans Christian Anderson story. :-))))

            3. The Grand Hotel has a place called Ballyhoo's. The decor is a bit retro, but the food is great if your looking for fresh seafood and good steaks. It's not fancy smancy, but a hidden secret the locals know about.