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Apr 7, 2002 10:49 PM

Best Hawaiian Plate Lunch in LA

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I was wondering where you all like to have your plate lunch. My favorites here are Bruddah's, and Lorri's, both in Gardena. They both have spam musubi, too! The mainland L&L's do a pretty comparable job to the ones in Hawaii. My overall favorite plate lunch is the mix plate at Rainbow Drive-Inn on Oahu. Anyone else been there? Da grinds there are ono!


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  1. Here is a link to a fairly recent plate lunch thread on the LA board.


    1. I would love it if they opened a Grace's here in LA. I just love their chicken katsu plate. I have had really good Hawaiian food here (Loft at Lahaina is my favorite), but never a Katsu plate to match Grace's. :)

      Also worth mention, is King's in Torrance. Sad when they closed in Honolulu. There is no better french toast than King's Hawaiian bread french toast!

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      1. re: David L

        I've heard a lot of good things about Grace's. Never been there unfortunately. Next time I'm in Hawaii I will definitely make the stop. I've been to the Loft at Lahaina, but I prefer more of a hole in the wall feel. I have no complaints about it though. I only went to King's once, and that was a few years ago. Haven't been back since as I'd rather go to other places. Although I've never had it, the French toast at Bruddah's looks good.


        1. re: hiyamayama

          Rainbow Drive Inn and Gracies Inn are both great. Next time you visit Honolulu try the lunch wagon at Kewalo Basin, on the far end of Ala Moana Park near Ward Center. Buy the large mix plate and a Hawaiian Sun Passion Orange drink, walk over to the beach and enjoy.

          1. re: live to eat

            That would hit the spot right now. I'll have to try it next time too. Thanks for the rec.


      2. Have you tried Back Home in Lahaina at 916 N. Sepulveda in Manhattan Beach?

        I didn't particularly like L&L at 1258-C W. Redondo Beach - it was okay. I'd go back only if in the area.

        How about TnT's Aloha Cafe at 24034 Vist Montana (off PCH)? I liked it. Very friendly and busy.

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        1. re: Paul S.

          Haven't been to that one - is it the same chain as the Loft at Lahaina? I've been there and thought it was pretty good. I agree L&L isn't all that great. The things I like at L&L are their katsu plates. Pretty good deal. Last time I went I had their BBQ mixed plate, and was somewhat dissatisfied with their beef teriyaki. Their shortribs were pretty good though. It made me think of the Rainbow drive inn mix plate - beef teriyaki, chicken katsu and mahi-mahi for about $6. Now I'm hungry.

        2. Talk about something near and dear to my heart....being an ex-pat Kama'aina, raised in the Kapahulu/Kaimuki area, Rainbows, Ono's Hawaiian Food, etc....are always on my mind.
          We just moved from LA a year ago, and now eat at Da' Kines here in SD. While in LA we shopped at Marukai at least 3 times a week(we still drive up at least once a month - need that Aloha Shoyu) and since we lived down the street (Rowland Heights) from the first L&L to open in the Puente Hills Mall would eat there often.
          Overall, my favorite has always been both Bruddah's and Aloha Cafe in Monterey Park. My wifes has been the Loft at Lahaina. I still crave the LocoMoco from L&L. Bob's is good, but a little too salty for my taste, and I thought Shaka's was too teriyaki was too sweet, not like the Hawaiian style BBQ.
          Overall my favorite Lunch Wagon back in the Islands is I think it's Tsukenjo's, well anyway, it's the one on Ward Ave right before Sport's Authority (for the old timers Gem's on Ward...). For a real hidden gem - try the Korean Food at Choi's Family Restaurant in HNL, for those on the mainland both the prices and the quality of food will be surprising!!!!

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          1. re: KirkK

            I must now try Aloha Cafe. I agree with you about Shakas and Bob's. Also, when I went to Bob's, the katsu was way over-fried and dried out. That's why I never went back. Didn't want to risk getting dried out katsu again.

            1. re: KirkK

              OH MY! GEM'S! That's a flashback. I miss the OLD Hawaii...
              What? no Zippy's?
              Wat's a matta you?

              eh, nuff already